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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stephen Does all the Work Adventure

Boy, do you know how hard it is for big little boys to have adventures being cooped up in the house all winter? Mommy pretty much has just been making me work hard all winter. I have to do all the ironing around here.

I work so hard that I have to use two irons.
They are both mine. 
I carry them all over the house and sometimes I drop them on my toes.
But, I'm tough about it.

One day I pretty much got tired of having no adventures and just spending the day ironing and sweeping.
Mommy was making soup that day, 
so I went on a soup making adventure!
Mommy gave me this little pot and some raisins. 

I am pretty sure that mommy just doesn't get it.
I am a man and I want to make man size soup.
She threw some great soup fixin's in the trash can.
So, I just dug them right out and got out a man size cooking pot!

Some things needed to cook longer, 
so I just put them over in here...

Can you see them?
How about now?

NOW my soup is coming along much better.

Oh, ya, I added some of my lunch.
For flavoring, you know?
Yum Yum!

Next I made some dessert soup for my Daddy.
He and I are buds. 

Sometimes if we have sweets we don't tell Mommy about it.
Uh Oh! She caught me!

After all that soup cookin,
Daddy and I had one more inside adventure.
It was called "How to color all over yourself"
Daddy was just trying to teach me things.

He wrote all over me and teached me all about where my legs and thighs and arms and toes and stuff are.
Mommy--well, she just doesn't appreciate higher learning.
She says it is because now she has to clean me all up.
But, really, she's just jealous of this:

See, I now have a tattoo that says I'm Daddy's Boy. 
And I am. Cept when I'm fussy.
 Then Daddy doesn't mind sharing me.

Mommy's making me go take a bath now.
Maybe I'll go on a "Splash bubbles all over the bathroom" adventure,
or "Potty in the tub adventure just to make mom scramble" 
or something like that.
Sounds fun. See ya around!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

My he is growing fast! What fun adventures.

cyndicow said...

Sorry Stephen that you have to do all the work around there. I like that you are buds with your Daddy and he is teaching you words. What a neat family you have. Love on them all. :)

Marcia said...

Love Stephen's Adventures! I remember my kids liked playing with my pots and pans too.

Angie said...

Oh My! I think Daddy might need to take over bath time or be in the charge of the next potty in the tub adventure after that one!! ;)

Thanks for blogging Stephen -you do a great job!

Snoodles said...

LOL Stephen, what a fun post....soon readers all over blogland will be clamoring for more! I laughed so much...and then quieted, remembering all the fun with my three babies! Such good memories. We even had one cabinet with "kiddo" pans and pots, just for them to "cook" with mom at meal time. Of course, the mostest fun was to climb inside the cabinet and jump out at mommy!
Jacque in SC

Linboose said...

Soo stinking cute!! Can every Wednesday be Stephen day?? Love it!!

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

First - omg love his hair color.... wow you got it all a chef, a seamstress and a major cutie...


Belinda said...

Hey Stephen!! Nice to meet you and share your adventure. My son's first name is Stephen too, but we call him by his middle name so his Dad won't think we are calling him! I'd really like a taste of what you are cooking. Looks yummy.

Mariliz said...

Cracking cute! Thanks for the laugh. I love those little toes.

BubzRugz said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie.....

Heather said...

Looks like you have some fun adventures Stephen! Jameson wishes he could have some adventures with you too! One day...

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Ah, Stephen, dessert soup is the best! And it's very good to know where your tummy and toes are (so you don't get them mixed up)
Tell Mommy not to make you iron so much 'cause great adventures await a big boy like you!!

Pat said...

What a hard working little boy!
Perhaps one day he will win Masterchef!