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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Returning to Preschool

Isn't it nice sometimes to just sit back,
grab a box of crayons,
and color again??

Most of you know that I do not have any ability to draw,
so one way I get stitching designs is to print free coloring pages
from the internet (Ok to use as long as I don't sell them) on fabric,
and then color them in before stitching. 

There are a couple of different ways this is done,
and you know me...
I had to try them both out so that I could share with you!

I printed the same design on the same fabric,
and used the exact same colors in the same spots
for easy comparison.
(Note: before coloring your design, back with freezer paper for added stability.)

One method is to just start coloring,
and the other is to color the entire design in with a white crayon first.
And now is when I get really disgusted with myself for taking photos without a memory stick.
I was able to retrieve some from the camera, but the one showing the white coloring is gone. 
(Where do digital photos float away to anyway?)

In the photo below,
I colored the bottom dog design all in white--completely covered it before adding color.
The reason behind this thought is that the white crayon is to make it easier to blend your colors as opposed to coloring right onto fabric. 
The top dog is colored right onto the fabric.

You will need to click to enlarge,
but let me tell you...
I really really did not like the white crayon method. 
I found the extra wax hard to cover....
way worse than covering the fabric!
The yellow sun and the green grass both have two color blends,
and, instead of helping me blend, the white made it worse!

After coloring a design,
the crayon needs to be set into the fabric.
You do this by covering the design with paper, then ironing,
hot as you can--no steam.
Here is what it looked like after ironing.
 The bottom dog looks better than it did,
but the white is showing through.
Here is what the paper looked like when I got done:
Look at all that color I lost on the bottom one!

My final test was to wash and dry it.
We have boys around here.
If I can't wash something...then it's not worth making!
I machine washed the design on hot,
and threw it in on the highest dryer setting.

The bottom dog looks way better now,
but the fabric feels completely different. 
The top feels like regular fabric,
you can't feel the wax at all.
The bottom is stiff and waxy.

Conclusion...I am not sure why the need to color all over the design with white. 
The other method seems to work better from start to finish.

Now, go grab you a box of crayons and add color to your stitching world!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have never heard of using a white base to start with - Hmmm, wonder why? Crayons blend so nicely into each other - and you have shown - it really doesn't help and only accumes the wax which I don't think would be a good thing. Very interesting.

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I so love this... there is a program out there that will convert photo pictures into cartoon - and then you can use them for your stitching and then you can sell... I'll check the old computer for it and send it to you!! Your too smart for your own good lol... I love it!!

Melissa said...

I love coloring on fabric too. When I was teaching special ed kids, we used to do this as a craft in the classroom. They loved it and loved getting to keep their new tshirt or pillow case or whatever we did.

Heather said...

I have a couple of designs that I wanted to color like this & then do black stitching on the outline. The project has been floating around in my head for some time. I might just do it now! :)

Michelle May (Shell) said...

I've been wondering about the white crayon. Great post sweets! thanks so much. I agree, just use the regular crayons and get on with it. :)
xx, shell

Belinda said...

Well, color me ignorant! I've never heard of coloring on fabric. What a concept!! I may try that, cause it sure looks like fun.

Gmama Jane said...

i Love Love Love to color but I've not known you could color on fabric with crayons. Who knew?? Thanks for off to buy some coloring books. All mine are very well worn and used up by the grandpeeps
Gmama Jane