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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Nick of Time

A new BBB (best blog compared to BFF)
was reading my 'wish list' up under the Quilt Ministry tab;
and was kind enough to send the following in the mail--

Now, if you could see just what I've been doing for the last 5 days,
then you would be asking why am I wanting more fabric 
when I already have enough to fill every wall in my sewing room...
and still have boxes full left over.

Now, hold on just a minute there---
for one, I don't store my fabric in a traditional way;
so more space is required.
(as you will see in May.)
Secondly...I have requested PRE-CUT 7" squares.
The pre-cut is important. I have this stupid shoulder/arm thing that is so annoying,
and one of the hardest things for me to do is to cut fabric. 
So, if people have scraps large enough to cut into 7" pieces, 
and want to donate it...then I appreciate it more than you know!!

When this package arrived FROM MARCIA,
I was so thrilled. She included 7" squares,
a bunch of thread (perfect for denim!!),
a ton of denim needles (not pictured as I had to put them away. Stephen thought them too fun to play with.),
and some quilt note cards--perfect for when closing a note in with prayer quilts.

And that's not all!!
I've been telling you that the new lady that heads up the prison dog program
is not great at communicating with me.
Yesterday she was kind enough to send an email.
It basically said, "We have 3 new dogs. There names are... and they are of ______breed".
Three?? Without warning??
Oh, thank you Marcia because you are going to sure help me out this weekend with those pre-cut squares!


Evielynne said...

Oh way too cool. You did good with the goodies

Mariliz said...

Sounds like you will be a busy lady! So happy you got some pre cuts. I too have trouble cutting fabric.

Pat said...

How I wish I lived nearer to help you with that shoulder!
I am so glad Marcia sent you some pre-cuts. What a star she is! xx