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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I missed You!

Blogland, you are my extended family.
Do you know that I don't have 'real' extended family?
Well, except Sis. She doesn't count.She's not 'extended'. *grin*

Anyway, I missed you.
I hope you had a Blessed Easter.
I am getting so excited for May for Me.
I just need to hug Marcia someday for coming up with this idea!!!

I have a post pre-scheduled for tomorrow but I am back online just waiting for someone to say Hi to me.
The boys are asleep and I am bored so say hi!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hello and good evening TOnya. I , too, am excited about May For Me and I am going to have an anxious weeks wait.

Lynda said...

Hello and Happy Easter! I'm off to bed so i can face another week at work. Boy I love these weekends!

Sara G said...

I'm excited for May! My birthday, ideas flowing, hubby on board with the idea and looking forward to sharing with everyone and seeing what they are up to :) We had some wet weather but so needed!! I'm sending you some hugs!!!

Pat said...

I bet you're asleep now :)
Hello, anyway! Hope your Easter was a blessed one xx

Marcia said...

It's Monday so I missed this on Easter Sunday. So glad to hear you were with family! Love being your extended family -- You are mine too!