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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Froggy Eyes

I have had some questions about May for Me.
Let me clarify a bit.
May for Me is for ANYONE.
All you need to do is something for yourself (or several somethings) in May.
You then can blog about it and let us all know how it is going.
If you want to join in, I've added your name up top to my May for Me tab.
Marcia has a grab-able button on her blog, and her page is full of giveaways and such.

I have a design that I have been wanting to share,
so I am doing that as part of May for Me!
It is a very small, very easy wallhanging.
Perfect for beginners, but enjoyable for all.
If you are wanting to quilt along with us..then all you have to do...
is just quilt along!
I am calling it the May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along. 

One thing, if your blogger is set to 'no-reply' then I have no way to email you to answer your questions.
You might consider changing so that when you leave a comment on others that they can email you a reply.
HERE IS A TUTORIAL where Chooky Blue kindly shows how to change your settings.

Finally, A blog friend of mine pointed out a brand new website to me.

It is a neat concept.
It is a online quilt design wall.
All you do is take a picture of your blocks individually,
then you can move them around on the virtual wall.

You can change sashing and such.
Go check it out !

Ole Frog Eyes Design Tool


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I haven't tried the frog eyes yet - but then I just kind of GO! Great reminder to people that EVERYONE gets to play with May for Me. I'll make sure I get that in Thursday's posting.

Heather said...

What a cool idea- virtual design wall. :)

Linboose said...

Oh thank you for clearing this up. I am very new to blogging so I appreciate all tips and tricks. I will certainly follow the May for Me quilt along. Sounds fun :)

Belinda said...

Love the virtual design thing!! And thanks for your help with "stuff"! I want to do the May for Me thing, but have no clue what 'for me' would be....will have to think about that!

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

I have the page open and way cool. Jorge does his quilts on excel (I'm not kidding) as well as his beading.
Jorge hasn't seen this yet - he's cleaning the RV park bathrooms. I will pull it up on his computer so he can check it out.. You rock!! always helping....

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for May for Me! I have a couple of projects waiting... Thanks for the shout-out for OleFrogEyes!
Jacque in SC

Marcia said...

You do a great job of explaining! I think everyone is thinking too hard... Just taking time for yourself is May for Me - even if it is just a few minutes a day! You can start the minutes now!

Thanks for sharing the block site - I will check it out!