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Friday, April 22, 2011

Finding my place in this world isn't always easy!

PS...Many have joined our May for Me group. If you are part of it, go look up under the May for Me button and please visit the other members. One is a brand new blogger and at this writing only has 8 followers. Welcome her!

(why is my PS at the top...because I moved it there. I figured some of you would skip right past what I wrote below. In fact I know you will...and that's ok. Love ya anyway!)

Having a toddler again, especially at my age,
I find that socially, I don't really fit in anywhere. 
People my age have grandchildren.
When they get together for 'girl time' they certainly don't want a toddler in tow.
Women that do have toddlers are way (as in 20 years for the most part) younger than I. 
There is a world of difference between our ages...and thoughts.

One huge problem that I've encountered is finding a woman's Bible study that I can go to and fit in with.
Why don't these churches offer nursery for Bible study anymore???
It is maddening. I really enjoy that time. Well, actually, I don't always.
One time I was involved in one at a large church where I was the youth director.
I got up one time and walked right out. Never came back.
Why? G-O-S-S-I-P. Let's face it. Women are good at gossip.

As part of my May for Me I have been yearning to find the perfect study.
I'd about given up; yesterday I even started my own Woman's Bible Study blog.
I was searching google images for an image to use as my blog button for the group,
and stumbled across what I was looking for. Go figure!! 
So I deleted the blog and joined the other one. 

There are several woman who want to do a Bible study for May for Me. 
I mean what better thing is there to do for yourself, anyway?
The one I found starts Monday and I am hustling to get the book.
I'll be a bit late, but better late than never. 
Women's Bible Cafe is the group that I'm joining. 
They have two groups starting Monday. I am joining the Breaking Free group.
Please consider joining with me over there. This is so good for YOU!


The Tulip Patch said...

I have read breaking free and it is life changing. I can't commit to May for me right yet...we may have big things going on here. I did start cutting for my first king size quilt for our bed, so that could count!

Belinda said...

Finding your place is a hard thing. I struggled with that for years and years. I just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing, or where I was supposed to be. Work, Church, Family, it all got...well, somehow it got lost. God finally answered my query and I'm so thankful He did. It feels really good to be where He wants you to be. There's so much peace.
As far as the Bible study, I'm up to my ears in family things at present and can't scramble around to get a book, so I'll find a different Bible Study to try. I'm sure you will enjoy Breaking Free. I've heard it's marvelous.

Heather said...

I'm glad you found a Bible study that will work! I'm already involved in something else so I won't join you on this one.

I always struggled fitting in but on the other end. Having a baby as a teenager made me so much younger then the normal age group & I was never welcomed anywhere. It used to bother me a lot but now I'm secure in who and what I am & could care less about others. I've never found a church that I comfortably fit in & I gave up. I'm less stressed about it now. :) You just gotta hang in there! :)

Pat said...

I'll tell you where you fit in hon, right by me, as a friend! :) xx

Patty@Granma's said...

Tonya - When my first born entered kindergarten, I was the youngest mother in the group - by quite a few years... When my youngest entered kindergarten 13 years later - I was the oldest in the group... The first women's group I joined, my mother-in-law was the only other 'young' woman, and we were not the best of friends. A few years later I joined a different group, where I was one of the oldest members...
Life has a way of balancing things out :)
'Seek and ye shall find, Ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be opened' Have a happy life!

Mariliz said...

Tonya, is there a link for this group?

Sara G said...

Our Bible Study group does offer childcare. I wish we lived closer!! I'm glad you found a group to be a part of and enjoy!! This is my vision, my passion, that women have a place to study God's word together no matter where they are. I'm not quite sure what God has in mind but I am waiting while I continue to learn. As your sister says "Hang in there!" Love you! more later

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Oh Heather - you sound like my husband. Church as to be for you and your relationship with God. I use the Church to do service and that's it. I study the Bible as it was intented "FOR ME" - you amaze me more and more. I would enjoy the link as well. Tonya you ROCK YET again lol... I just want to tuck you in my pocket and take you everywhere.... I will check out the newbies to May for Me and add them to my list also...


Marcia said...

Tonya you do blog right from your heart and that is exactly why I enjoy reading your thoughts... I think that is why when we first met, via blogs, I felt you needed to take a little time for you -- minutes for you -- and that is again how May for Me evolved! The Bible study sounds great! Did you share a link? Maybe it is on your May for Me Page.

Tonya said...

Click on Womans Bible Cafe (the green words). The link is there.

Marcia said...

You can see the link now in the last paragraph! It's pinkish now!

Snoodles said...

Hi Tonya, I so agree with you on so many things. I can't abide gossip, and I want to focus on my relationship with God, not the party times so many churches focus on. May for Me is going to include Scripture study on my end, too. I may be late getting the book, but I'm in!
Jacque in SC