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Thursday, April 28, 2011

To the Hills I go!

For the next 4 days I won't have a computer.
Or a TV. 
Oh, no, this will be so much better!

I will be seeing a bit of this:

And a bit of that:

And my Bestest Friend EVER!

To top it all's all taking place in the Ozark Hills.
You know, the closest thing to Heaven this side of the Pearly Gates!

Well, at least in Missouri anyway. 

See ya in May!!

(I won't be able to answer comments until Monday morning. Have a great weekend!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stephen Does all the Work Adventure

Boy, do you know how hard it is for big little boys to have adventures being cooped up in the house all winter? Mommy pretty much has just been making me work hard all winter. I have to do all the ironing around here.

I work so hard that I have to use two irons.
They are both mine. 
I carry them all over the house and sometimes I drop them on my toes.
But, I'm tough about it.

One day I pretty much got tired of having no adventures and just spending the day ironing and sweeping.
Mommy was making soup that day, 
so I went on a soup making adventure!
Mommy gave me this little pot and some raisins. 

I am pretty sure that mommy just doesn't get it.
I am a man and I want to make man size soup.
She threw some great soup fixin's in the trash can.
So, I just dug them right out and got out a man size cooking pot!

Some things needed to cook longer, 
so I just put them over in here...

Can you see them?
How about now?

NOW my soup is coming along much better.

Oh, ya, I added some of my lunch.
For flavoring, you know?
Yum Yum!

Next I made some dessert soup for my Daddy.
He and I are buds. 

Sometimes if we have sweets we don't tell Mommy about it.
Uh Oh! She caught me!

After all that soup cookin,
Daddy and I had one more inside adventure.
It was called "How to color all over yourself"
Daddy was just trying to teach me things.

He wrote all over me and teached me all about where my legs and thighs and arms and toes and stuff are.
Mommy--well, she just doesn't appreciate higher learning.
She says it is because now she has to clean me all up.
But, really, she's just jealous of this:

See, I now have a tattoo that says I'm Daddy's Boy. 
And I am. Cept when I'm fussy.
 Then Daddy doesn't mind sharing me.

Mommy's making me go take a bath now.
Maybe I'll go on a "Splash bubbles all over the bathroom" adventure,
or "Potty in the tub adventure just to make mom scramble" 
or something like that.
Sounds fun. See ya around!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stitchery One: Tulips!

May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along

Today is the day!
I am giving you your first stitchery design...
and you have a whole week to complete it :)
Starting next week, you'll get patchwork instructions on Tuesdays,
and stitchery designs on Thursdays.

As most of you guessed, 
this wall hanging has something to do with Tulips!
The first stitchery block is tulips. 
Here is what mine looks like.

When it is trimmed the bottom row of the stems should be just 1/4" from the bottom so that they catch in the seam allowance. I didn't take photos as I trimmed and I am not showing you any hint of the finish!
(Late night photo taking doesn't work so well, thus the dark image)

Enlarge to see, but I stitched mine using a stem stitch for the stems and backstitch for the petals. (I think I called it straight stitch on the pattern...I am a bit too machine minded sometimes.)

Here is the link to the pattern which includes cutting guidelines:

Here are a couple of useful links to videos if you are new to stitching:

I have started a Flikr group for those that would like to upload photos and share them.

And now, your hint for next week:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Here's the plan...

I am so excited to start the Bible study today and have so many hop on board with me!
I've added their button to the side to help you find it easier.

I have been busy pre posting the mystery quilt. I even got google docs to accept the first stitchery design.
You have no idea how hard it is for this impatient person to wait to show you.
I had the finished quilt hanging up for my daughter to see and she loves it. (It's pieced but not quilted yet.)
 I even got the idea to add a Flikr pool.
You can find it RIGHT HERE.

I have also been working on the schedule of what I want to post when in May.
Sometimes I pre-post; but only a day or two in advance.
This thinking ahead for a whole month is crazy...
but also good because that will free up even more ME time in May!

I just wanted to let you know my posting schedule for the month.
That way if you were looking for something in particular (like the steps of the quilt along)
you will know when they will be posted.

Some Sundays I have invited A Guest Blogger. Angie is a friend of mine that I went to school with and she is a Ladies Inspirational speaker and writer. I think you will enjoy her.

Mondays will be about Me.

Tuesdays will be when I explain the piecing of the May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along.

Wednesdays are set aside for helpful hints...not about quilting but more for just living!

Thursdays are the days that I will release that weeks Stitchery design.

Fridays belong to Seth for some great herbal tips for us.

Saturdays will be my progress reports, hopefully showing lots of finished projects!

What types of things are you planning to blog about in May?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I missed You!

Blogland, you are my extended family.
Do you know that I don't have 'real' extended family?
Well, except Sis. She doesn't count.She's not 'extended'. *grin*

Anyway, I missed you.
I hope you had a Blessed Easter.
I am getting so excited for May for Me.
I just need to hug Marcia someday for coming up with this idea!!!

I have a post pre-scheduled for tomorrow but I am back online just waiting for someone to say Hi to me.
The boys are asleep and I am bored so say hi!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I haven't blogged about this yet,
and I am sure some of you are wondering why??

For those that don't know,
I finally got to bring this home...
Her name is Lydia.
And she and I are going to spend many hours together.
(yes, I name my machines. I used to name my cars too.)

She's been here a while, but she had a little problem.
When Janome designed this foot(the 'O' foot) for the machine:

They goofed.
You should have seen me stressing over it!
 It can't sew over seams.
Not at all. Bunches, moves, bulks, rebels.
I was so upset that the machine couldn't even sew a seam!

Turns out, it is only this particular foot that can't.
It just happens to be the foot that I will use most.
So, I started researching what in the world I was going to do.
I had a high dollar machine bought for quilting,
that can't piece quilts.

My local dealer should have already handled the problem
before the machine ever got into my hands.
Only I didn't know it.
A bit of web research found me this:

Oh, yes, a newer version of the above foot....
and it works!
A quick email to Janome,
and they put one in the mail. 
(Even though my dealer was supposed to include it free.)
I am now sewing right along. Whew!

This machine truly is a dream machine,
but I've much to learn about it.
And I am taking the time to do so. 
A big thanks to Janome for being quick on sending the new foot to me!

The other machine-- you remember T REX don't you?
It is in the shop getting its timing all fixed.
I use it for Denim dog blankets and usually T-shirt quilts too.
It's a cheap little machine but it has a powerful chomper.

Once I get them both working,
there will be NO stopping me.

Well, until the next time Stephen needs something. 
That happens alot. 
But he's cute about it.

Have a Blessed Easter everyone.
I have signed off for the weekend.

See you Monday!

Finding my place in this world isn't always easy!

PS...Many have joined our May for Me group. If you are part of it, go look up under the May for Me button and please visit the other members. One is a brand new blogger and at this writing only has 8 followers. Welcome her!

(why is my PS at the top...because I moved it there. I figured some of you would skip right past what I wrote below. In fact I know you will...and that's ok. Love ya anyway!)

Having a toddler again, especially at my age,
I find that socially, I don't really fit in anywhere. 
People my age have grandchildren.
When they get together for 'girl time' they certainly don't want a toddler in tow.
Women that do have toddlers are way (as in 20 years for the most part) younger than I. 
There is a world of difference between our ages...and thoughts.

One huge problem that I've encountered is finding a woman's Bible study that I can go to and fit in with.
Why don't these churches offer nursery for Bible study anymore???
It is maddening. I really enjoy that time. Well, actually, I don't always.
One time I was involved in one at a large church where I was the youth director.
I got up one time and walked right out. Never came back.
Why? G-O-S-S-I-P. Let's face it. Women are good at gossip.

As part of my May for Me I have been yearning to find the perfect study.
I'd about given up; yesterday I even started my own Woman's Bible Study blog.
I was searching google images for an image to use as my blog button for the group,
and stumbled across what I was looking for. Go figure!! 
So I deleted the blog and joined the other one. 

There are several woman who want to do a Bible study for May for Me. 
I mean what better thing is there to do for yourself, anyway?
The one I found starts Monday and I am hustling to get the book.
I'll be a bit late, but better late than never. 
Women's Bible Cafe is the group that I'm joining. 
They have two groups starting Monday. I am joining the Breaking Free group.
Please consider joining with me over there. This is so good for YOU!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along Requirements

So, now that I've gotten you all curious,
it is time to tell you the 'vitals' for our

May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along.

I purposely designed the quilt to be charm pack friendly. I like to do this for several reasons.

  • Charm packs are relatively inexpensive, especially on sale.
  • They are great for beginners.
  • They are easy to duplicate from your stash.
That being said, I designed the quilt around the charm packs. The blocks will line up a bit differently than you might be used to. (they aren't all the same size blocks). I was a bit nervous about this at first, but it turned out great!

The finished quilt will be a small wall hanging, approx. 30" wide by 43" tall.
There are a total of four stitchery designs and just a few quilt blocks.

You will need the following (I like to be generous with my fabric. You will have leftovers except for your charm pack):
  • One charm pack (or 42 squares from your stash cut to 5" each. This is important, you will be using them as 5" squares.) This is a very SPRING-y design, so pick bright, fun, spring colors. ( I am using Buttercup by Robert Kaufman which only has 40 squares. I had to 'make' two more.)
  • A few matching scraps to 'fill in' a couple of blocks. These will be very small areas.
  • 1/3 yd of solid for your stitchery designs
  • 1/2 yd for sashing
  • 1 yd for border/binding
  • backing, batting of your choice
  • embroidery floss. I used Cottage Garden Poppy which was a wonderful spring rainbow color. Perfect! It comes in a 10 meter skein and I used almost all of it. If you are using 8 meter skeins you will need to buy two.
I will be releasing the first stitchery design the last week of April, then in May I will do two posts a week for the Mystery quilt. One post will be fabric/ piecing, the other will be a stitchery design. The last full week of May we will put the blocks together and finish. You will find this to be very easy and won't have any trouble at all getting your step done in a week. (This coming from someone with very little time on her hands!!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gardening tulips through the years

Here is another hint for the 

May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along.

Or perhaps you would rather watch this 1968 version:

Or maybe you remember this more recent version:

If you weren't curious you are now!

Fabric requirements and other important info coming tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Froggy Eyes

I have had some questions about May for Me.
Let me clarify a bit.
May for Me is for ANYONE.
All you need to do is something for yourself (or several somethings) in May.
You then can blog about it and let us all know how it is going.
If you want to join in, I've added your name up top to my May for Me tab.
Marcia has a grab-able button on her blog, and her page is full of giveaways and such.

I have a design that I have been wanting to share,
so I am doing that as part of May for Me!
It is a very small, very easy wallhanging.
Perfect for beginners, but enjoyable for all.
If you are wanting to quilt along with us..then all you have to do...
is just quilt along!
I am calling it the May for Me Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along. 

One thing, if your blogger is set to 'no-reply' then I have no way to email you to answer your questions.
You might consider changing so that when you leave a comment on others that they can email you a reply.
HERE IS A TUTORIAL where Chooky Blue kindly shows how to change your settings.

Finally, A blog friend of mine pointed out a brand new website to me.

It is a neat concept.
It is a online quilt design wall.
All you do is take a picture of your blocks individually,
then you can move them around on the virtual wall.

You can change sashing and such.
Go check it out !

Ole Frog Eyes Design Tool

Monday, April 18, 2011

Savanna Smiles

That is worth every little stitch!

I thought I'd better edit and add the link to the original post explaining more about Savanna and her quilt.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Curiously Hans

Thank you everyone for your wonderful ideas and your help yesterday.
I have a lot of thinking to do, some ideas to work out,
and I now know to use Google Docs to post my May for Me pattern.

Speaking of May for Me,
Marcia has made special May for Me notecards!

She's giving away a set right now.
Click on her name above to enter to win them.

I am really happy to see how many have got on board for this.
I created a facebook event,
and the numbers there are growing and growing!

For myself, my list of things that I want to make is getting very long!
I have a total of 6 charity quilts in the works,
not counting dog blankets.
I know that if Marcia didn't have the May for Me idea,
then I would never get my Peanuts blanket or my needlework kit all sewn up.
Or my Mystery Quilt n Stitch Along that has been on my mind
ever since I read this:

So, there, I've given you a another hint.
Hans Brinker. 

I know there are many other quilt a longs going on,
so I wonder, is anyone going to join in?
Let me know because I am curious
to know if you are curious.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pickles and Pennies

Two years ago I started an Etsy shop.

Two years plus about two weeks ago I found out I was expecting.
Now that was funny. Well, not too funny.
But we can laugh about it now. 
My poor dear husband could not believe it.
After 4...yes 4...tests he finally did believe it.

Oh, now look, I've gone and chased a rabbit.

What I was getting at, is,
I opened an etsy store....
and although I did sell some things,
the timing was...well pretty much awful.

Now the time has come that I really need to make a bit of money.
My husband works two jobs and way too many hours.
He is an old man( sorry husband--I love you!),
and has a little boy that wants to see him more.

I have been getting a bunch of these ready to sell:

And am hoping to launch patterns soon.
(I am trying to figure out how to do all the pdf stuff.)

But, I am just not sure that I am ready to do the Etsy thing again.
It takes SO much time that I don't have. 
Networking, and listing, and re-listing, and photos.
I need time to sew much less do all that!

And the personal website doesn't work well either. 
I do get lots of blog exposure, 
but quilters aren't going to buy quilted items.

So, I am in a pickle. 

I need to make a bit of income to relieve stress on my hubby,
but I am not willing to get Etsy-stressed to do it.

Any ideas?
Oh, and yes, I do want to do a few trade shows.
The good ones cost a pretty penny to get in to them.
Those are hard to come by anymore, aren't they?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't forget to slop your dripper!

Yesterday when I done wiped the sleep from my eyes,
'n' checked my little ol' inbox...
I was quite surprised to see that I had me a request for more Hee Haw.
Now this sweet little ol' hillbilly friend specially said she wants to see bloopers.

Well, when someone says they be wantin somethin'
I sure do be aimin' ta please!

This first little clip is supposed to be all gloomy like,
but leave it ta ol' granpa Jones to mess that up an' leave em all laughin!

Now, as I was typin' here,
I had to stop and get my young un down for a nap.
Course I had to tell him a bedtime story.
There ain't none better a story than Rindercella!

Well, it seems my hillbilly ways r just a rubbin' off on folks.
Guess it's a bit o that good ol' Hillbilly Fever!

Watch''ll be ketchin' it next!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Returning to Preschool

Isn't it nice sometimes to just sit back,
grab a box of crayons,
and color again??

Most of you know that I do not have any ability to draw,
so one way I get stitching designs is to print free coloring pages
from the internet (Ok to use as long as I don't sell them) on fabric,
and then color them in before stitching. 

There are a couple of different ways this is done,
and you know me...
I had to try them both out so that I could share with you!

I printed the same design on the same fabric,
and used the exact same colors in the same spots
for easy comparison.
(Note: before coloring your design, back with freezer paper for added stability.)

One method is to just start coloring,
and the other is to color the entire design in with a white crayon first.
And now is when I get really disgusted with myself for taking photos without a memory stick.
I was able to retrieve some from the camera, but the one showing the white coloring is gone. 
(Where do digital photos float away to anyway?)

In the photo below,
I colored the bottom dog design all in white--completely covered it before adding color.
The reason behind this thought is that the white crayon is to make it easier to blend your colors as opposed to coloring right onto fabric. 
The top dog is colored right onto the fabric.

You will need to click to enlarge,
but let me tell you...
I really really did not like the white crayon method. 
I found the extra wax hard to cover....
way worse than covering the fabric!
The yellow sun and the green grass both have two color blends,
and, instead of helping me blend, the white made it worse!

After coloring a design,
the crayon needs to be set into the fabric.
You do this by covering the design with paper, then ironing,
hot as you can--no steam.
Here is what it looked like after ironing.
 The bottom dog looks better than it did,
but the white is showing through.
Here is what the paper looked like when I got done:
Look at all that color I lost on the bottom one!

My final test was to wash and dry it.
We have boys around here.
If I can't wash something...then it's not worth making!
I machine washed the design on hot,
and threw it in on the highest dryer setting.

The bottom dog looks way better now,
but the fabric feels completely different. 
The top feels like regular fabric,
you can't feel the wax at all.
The bottom is stiff and waxy.

Conclusion...I am not sure why the need to color all over the design with white. 
The other method seems to work better from start to finish.

Now, go grab you a box of crayons and add color to your stitching world!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Freedom to just do!

This morning I read a blog post over at

It got me to start thinking...
how often do we follow the 'trend' in our art/craft?

Here in America, a favorite parental phrase is,
"If everyone else jumps off a cliff, 
does that mean you will too?"

In other words, 
just because everyone else is doing something,
does that mean you should too?

I've always been a bit of a rebel.
No, not in behavior.
In not doing what the crowd is doing.
I usually will do quite the opposite 
just to prove that I can.

Yes, I am really enjoying hand-stitching right now,
but not because it's the hot trend in quilting.
I started it because it gives me something to do
while hanging out with my men--in the living room--
where there is no sewing machine.

There are actually several 'hot trends' in the quilt world right now.
Such as all those free BOM's and Stitcheries over on my right side bar.
But, I hate BOM's!! I cannot stand having all those projects going at once.
I like to make a project...and get it done. Then start another. 
So, unlike the crowd, I am working through them one at a time.
There are a couple of them that I already have all of the patterns needed.
The rest will sit and wait until I get them. 
I'd rather wait than have 12 projects going at once!

That being said, when I introduce my small quilt pattern 
during May for Me,
it will be small, easy and quick. 
No waiting for more than a week for the next step! 

Other big trends are swaps.
Block swaps, scrap swaps,
swap, swap, swap. 
I tried two swaps last year. UGH.
Not for me. 
(although you really should check out that Hands2Help Challenge.
It's pretty neat and for a good cause. )

There are even trends in our methods of quilting.
Do we pre-wash, or no?
Straight grain binding or no?
Machine stitch binding or no?

If I have learned one thing...
Do it YOUR way.
Don't stress how everyone else does things.
That is why I did all those experiments last week with my stitching.
(one still to color experiment is washing as I type.)
I read up on all the methods...then I do what works best for me. 

Same with blogging. 
I blog when I want, 
say what I want,
and change my page how I want.
When I first started, I followed every quilt blog that I could find.
I have purged many of those. And that is ok.
You can purge---guilt free!

I guess what this post boils down to 
is an expansion of the post that I read earlier today.

Just because the crowd is jumping off the cliff,
you don't have to!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I can't help it!!

All this week I have been showing you things that I've learned 
when I immersed myself into the world of stitching.
 Today I was going to show you a couple of different ways to color tint your stitching;
 but instead I got sidetracked just a wee bit.

I was designing some blocks...

And my daughter came over and helped design some new stitching designs...

I am making a new, very easy quilt pattern for:

I hope that you will consider joining me that month for my
Mystery Stitch n Quilt Along!

I will explain more next week, 
but it will be super easy,
easy to follow beginner instructions,
and is super Springy!

Marcia is getting really fired up.
You need to go Visit Her Now
because she already has her first May for Me giveaway going on.
The list of things that she is doing is Amazing...
visit her May for Me page to see them all.

is planning some time saving recipes for us...
start watching for them soon.

I am going to get back to the quilt design.
I will show you how to color next week.
And I will give you fabric requirements 
for the Quilt n Stitch Along.

Are you making any May for Me plans yet?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floss Comparison

Years ago when I first started hand stitching,
there was about two choices of floss available.
DMC and Anchor.

Today, thankfully, we have choices.
I am going to compare some of the top brands--
DMC, Cosmo, Valdani, Presencia, and Cottage Garden.
Other popular brands include Anchor, J.P. Coats, Threadworx, Weeks Dye Works,
and the list goes on.
I will be testing basic embroidery skeined floss;
as opposed to perle cotton, etc.

For my first test I checked for color fastness.
I placed all the floss on a clean piece of muslin,
then soaked them all.
Next I applied an iron with steam.
(This is the same method to test color fastness on fabric.)
Argh, my photo did not turn out at all. Figures.
Well, just to let you know...not a single one had a problem.
I have had one comment that a fellow blogger has had trouble with Cosmo fading.
And the Cottage Garden says to use a dry iron. The steam iron didn't hurt it though.

For my next comparison,
I took a piece of muslin and drew straight lines to show each floss side by side.
I stitched each with 2 strands (except the Valdani).

I will compare each floss as they are shown from top to bottom on my sample.
(note...don't judge my stitching, this is the first time I tried without stabilizer or a hoop.
I didn't like it. I found my stitching was not as straight.)

  • Cost--$6.60 Australian dollars for a 10 meter skein--not readily available in the States.
  • Variegated--the best I have ever seen. The colors change very quickly which is what you want. Why pay for a variegate that you never notice?
  • Ease of use--I love it. It is smooth, shiny and doesn't tangle. Is similar to Cosmo.
  • Overall thoughts--although much more pricey than the others and harder to find, it is my favorite of all. I will be buying more of this as soon as I can. The company is a small home based business and each piece is hand painted. Big thumbs up!
Floss #2--Presencia

  • Cost--$1.00 USD for an 8 meter skein. 
  • I only had white on hand so I was not able to test for colorfastness. Variegated is available but it is a longer variegate than the above floss.
  • Ease of use--Smooth and shiny, non-tangle. Similar to Cosmo.
  • Thick--It is a bit thicker than the other flosses. It kind of compares to using three strands or so.You can really tell in the photo.
  • Overall thoughts--Another thumbs up for me. I like how easy it is to work with. And I actually like the 'thicker' look. It isn't enough to be overpowering. 
Floss # 3--Valdani

  • Cost--$3.20 USD for 29 yards. Available at The Raspberry Rabbits
  • Claims to be colorfast. This thread is dyed using all natural/earth friendly processes. The variegate was a bit longer than I like but still nice for larger designs.
  • Ease of use--Although sold in skeins, it is more readily available on a 3 strand ball. No separating needed. It sews and feels like DMC.
  • Overall thoughts--I like it for the most part. I feel it is the best variegate that is readily available and I like that they use all natural processes to over dye. I also like that it doesn't need separation. 
Floss #4--Cosmo

  • Cost--$1.00 USD for 8 yards. Readily available via the internet.
  • Colorfast and has variegated. One blog reader has had trouble with it fading. Not good!
  • Ease of use--Sold in skeins, but also available in easy to use 2 strand spools. Smooth, silky, shiny, non-tangle. 
  • Overall thoughts--I am sad to hear that someone had trouble with it fading as Cosmo really is my overall favorite for everyday use. 
Floss #5--DMC
  • Cost--$0.50 USD
  • Easily found, colorfast, very large color selection
  • Ease of use--after trying the others I don't like it. I found it to be dull and it tangles.
  • Overall thoughts--we've all used it. Get out of your comfort zone and try something different...and better! I am not even giving it a photo or net link. No need. 
    • After trying all these out; I am for sure no longer a fan of DMC. Why mess with tangles and dull when you can have shiny and smooth?
    • Precencia and Cosmo are very comparable, Cosmo being the more widely used. I think that I actually prefer Precencia. I need to get some bright colors to check colorfastness.
    • For a variegate there is no comparison to Cottage Garden. It is expensive; but I think worth every single penny. 

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    Fabric Printing Tips

    I know there are many other blogs out there that give tips on fabric printing.
    But, if there is ANYTHING I know about in the quilting world, 
    it is fabric printing.
    More than that of stitches or machines or methods of any sort.
    I have literally printed hundreds of fabric photos. 
    Maybe even thousands. Yes, probably so.

    Be sure to read the entire post because I will be discussing printers that you can and can't use,
    how to feed fabric into a printer, as well as how to prepare the fabric.

    Let's start with preparing your fabric~

    I have used all the major types of fabric photo sheets.
    There is only ONE company that I would trust for their pre-made photo fabric sheets...

    Besides pre-made sheets they also sell all the supplies to make your own photo fabric.
    It is a very easy process, and so much cheaper than pre-made sheets!
    Available on their just need Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Rinse.

    You will also need freezer paper available at your local grocery store.
    I am not going to show you photos for this as we have other things we need to discuss, 
    but basically you soak your pre-washed fabric in the Jet Set for 5 minutes,
    then you print your photos,
    then you soak them in a solution of the rinse/water for 1 minute;
     then hang them to dry.
    The bottles of chemicals will prepare a BUNCH of fabric. 
    (One note- they only work on 100% synthetics.)

    Now for printing. 
    Any bubble jet or ink jet printer will work.
    I am picky and will only use Epson printers. 
    Yes. The expensive ink printer.
    Their ink is the best photo ink out there.
    If you don't have an Epson, don't stress.
    Just make sure it is a bubble jet or ink jet.

    After you have your photo all rinsed in chemicals, 
    hang dry it. You may use a cool blow dryer on it, but do not put it in the dryer.
    Then, iron--with dry iron; no steam-- some freezer paper to the fabric. 
    (shiny side of freezer paper to fabric back)
    After ironing, then using your rotary cutter that you preserve for paper,
    cut the photo sheets to 8.5 X 11.

    You should now be able to feed your fabric into the printer;
    just make sure you only do one sheet at a time.

    I have never had any trouble feeding muslin sheets.
    (This finished photo below shows lines...I need to clean my print heads.)
    This method makes the ink blend with the fabric;
    and the muslin feels just like it did when we started.
    Some of the "other" pre-made sheets out there on the market
    create a real stiff feel to the photos and it doesn't feel like fabric.

    Recently I did have quite a bit of trouble feeding some non muslin cotton.
    If you are having trouble feeding,
    tape the bottom edge of your fabric sheet (complete with the freezer paper)
    onto some card stock. 
    In my photo the fabric is pink,
    the card stock is yellow,
    and the tape is brown.
    I figured the more colorful--the easier to see!
    One final note--
     If I am using this method for my hand stitching, I usually skip all the fabric treating.
    I am not concerned about it fading out.
    But--the image needs to be crisp, clean, and fine lined. 
    In the image above I blew up the original quite a bit. 
    It makes the lines very thick.
     I think I will be tracing the designs on my light box instead.