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Friday, March 11, 2011

What do you think?

Thanks so much for all the response and offer to help!! 
I will be gone a good part of the day;
 so we've all got lots of time to ponder.
I really need to try to finish this weekend 
because other pressing quilt commitments.
Any input would be wonderful!!
(Please click on photos to enlarge them.)

Remember above is the original pattern that I chose for the contest.
Below is what would happen if I followed this pattern.

I like the blue, green and brown together,
but the name would be all crooked going down the sides.
And all the stitching blocks too.
Here is the other reason I didn't design them to be on point,
Max is directional; he would always be tipped on his nose.

Here's where my brain wasn't working.
I thought that if I just made the blocks square,
somehow that brown would be there.
I have no idea what I was thinking!
This is what it would actually look like.
(of course it would be straighter.
Stephen is a fine helper!)
I left out the Max need.
As you can see this layout makes a much smaller quilt!

Finally, I guess this is the solution I am going to have to live with.
I really wanted the stitching to border the quilt,
and all the Max blocks in the middle.
This looks too scrappy for me;
but I don't think I have another option.
(The 'holes' will be filled with blue bordered blocks.
This design is larger and I'll need to make more to accommodate.)
I have quite a few jelly roll pieces left over,
I will probably make a couple of borders,
one with them and one with brown.

What would you do?


Wanda said...

I love it. You have a great color combination. I would go with the first one. It looks really great. Yes, I know the letters are sideways but I love that look. After you put the side and corner triangles I think you will see that too.


The Tulip Patch said...

I like the diagonal/first one, too. I think what I might do is just alternate the letter blocks and the embroidery picture blocks instead of putting all the words together. It would take away from the name not being where you like but I think it would be good balance too.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I agree with Wand - the first layout is really the most pleasing to the eye. It carries the flow of the quilt. The others just look too flat. Once you have your setting triangles and layed on the bed, you will see. Who says everything has to be up/down/straight/angleless. I like the angle setting - it gives it character and whimsy .

Sara G said...

I like the first one. Very unique. Quilts, to me, don't always have to be looked at as a whole. You look at bits and pieces. The letters may be a little sideways but that makes the quilt unique. Not straight, life is not straight, not needed with the blocks you are using, in my opinion.

Lynda said...

I'm partial to the first one too. However, the diagonal name on the last one looks good too. I do agree that the first one has more movement and interest. Oh aren't I just so much help?

Heather said...

I'm probably not much help either but I like the 1st one but then again I like how the name is set in the last one... but for the contest I would go with the first! I hope you had fun today :)

Pat said...

I like the first one for its style, but my eye would like to see how it looks if you carried the name in a straight line along the middle.
Wouldn't you just love to line that up and re photograph, just for me? :)

Patty@Granma's said...

Most of the dogs I ever owned spent a lot of time with their nose pointed ground-ward anyway (I never asked what they were sniffing).
You could do your setting triangles, and then set the WHOLE thing on point with a large triangle in each corner (using some of those strips, border style.?)

Barb said...

Oh.....I just love what you are doing and I really don't have any suggestions, I am sure what ever you come up with will be wonderful (easy way out for me)....sorry.

Melissa said...

I am really looking forward to what you end up with!!