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Friday, March 4, 2011

Things Remembered

This Hillbilly is very behind in her blog reading. 
I will catch up. I promise!


A wonderful blog friend has given me an idea 
to help me balance the charity quilts and personal projects.
Did you hear that big sigh of relief?


A very dear friend of mine passed away suddenly of the flu.
We first met years ago when I was a teen.
We worked together at a gift engraving store
 called Things Remembered.
Oh the times we had!
(I worked off an on there helping out on holidays 
for 20 years.)
In the "Old Days" engraving was an art.
We had a manual machine that required both arms be working 
at once and extreme precision. 

It also took a long time. 
During holidays we would work around the clock.
We kept a cot in the back room to nap on.
(Now engraving is computerized. Not near as fun.)

You would not believe some of the things we've engraved.
Oh the laughs we've had!
Once we engraved an urn that already had it's contents.
The man would not come back and pick it up. 
We had his wife there with us for months and months!

My teen years were pretty tough.
My real mom had passed away;
my step-mom hated my guts;
it was just really, really tough.
I am so thankful for MamaRo during those years.
She saw me through the teen years;
 as well as the next few equally as hard years.

I was going to go to her funeral today;
but decided I wasn't up to all that car driving time with Stephen.
And it's going to be cold and rainy. 
She is to be buried in the same cemetary as my mother,
grandparents, cousins...
(this is the actual cemetary-one of the prettiest in all of Kansas City)

With all my family being buried there as well,
It would have been a tough day.
I'm wimping out and staying home. 
Every time something like this happens it stirs up memories.
Then I have nightmares reliving the teen years.
 I have the last two nights.

I had to come back and edit this blog with a good note!
MY SISTER just finished a quilt top for me for the quilt ministry.
How nice was that?


On a lighter note--
Giveaway of some pattern books tomorrow!


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Tonya, I've read on FB about your friend's passing and wanted to express my condolences. I believe in remembering someone dear as they were at their best in your life and not as they are at the end. Anyway, that's not as they are now since they are in heaven and not in that grave. Which is why I avoid the "viewing" part and only attend the memorial part. My thoughts are with you.
♥ Sarah

Pokey said...

I'm sorry for your loss of such an important friend to you, Tonya. I agree with Sarah, though, you can remember her friendship and the courage she gave you through such a difficult time of your life. I hope you can chase those old bad dreams away, I'm praying for that peace that is promised to us, that passeth all understanding!
Hugs, pokey

Marcia said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend. I get behind on my blog reading too and chose to stay home alone tonight and read blogs. I am glad I read yours. Start dreaming about quilting... I mean it - I dream about quilts. I sew them in my sleep. I even write new patterns in my sleep. It is very soothing to dream about quilts. I am serious. The worst quilting dream I ever had was that I dreamed I was swallowing a whole quilt - woke up with a very sore throat - guaranteed I was snoring! Keeping you and your friend's family in my thoughts and prayers. Sweet quilting dreams....

Melissa said...

I'm not a funeral, burial kind of person myself. I really prefer to keep the memories of my loved one when they were alive. You know funerals are for the living. The departed isn't there. I am sure she would have encouraged you to do just what you did.

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

She sounds like a wonderful person, it does sound like God put the two of you together to help you through a bad time. You honor her by sharing your memories with the rest of the people in your life, blog friends included. I'm so sorry for your loss!