Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stephen shares his toes...and a winner

Stephen has been a bit slow about having Adventures.
It is kind of hard to have adventures when cooped up
inside all winter!!
He did, however, get his book made.
They are so cool! 
I will be deleting his adventures from last year 
very soon. (to save photo space.)
Since I won't share my toes with you,
Stephen was kind enough to share his 
while I took the photo of his books:

Stephen will share an adventure with you on Monday.


Thanks so much for your help with my quilt. 
I liked the wonky too--but thought I might be crazy.
I am awaiting thinking I may be pulling a couple of late nights 
to get it finished and on its way next week.
I'll let you see the finished quilt!


For the large pattern/book giveaway,
I went back and tallied comments from February,
comments from this week,
extra entries for faithful followers,
and gave extra entries for all those helping me
with my quilt dilemma.

I get a little tired of Mr. Random generator.
He gets just too much publicity.
So I used my facebook friends to pick the winner.

you can think my friend from high school. 
Send your address to

Ps. Mariliz and Patty@Granma's...
your numbers were chosen as well.
But, Gene was quickest...
just thought you'd like to know you ALMOST won.


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing said...

Are you for real? LOL I go and take a couple of days off to come back and find out I won.... OMG how exciting. Plz tell your friend thankyou for helping you... I have never won anything on line before. Now I will have something to blog about tonight... You made my day!!

Mariliz said...

Congrats to the winner. Almost winning is nice too.

Sarah Craig said...

What a unique way to pick a winner! Although I've always thought of the RNG as "Little Miss Random"..... Stephen's toes are really cute! Have a great week!

Q said...

There is nothing more adorable than baby toes :) Popping over from Vignette in stitches to say Howdy :)

Pat said...

Congrats to RVing.. and Stephen's toes are adorable xx