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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hee Hee Haw Haw Haw Ho.

Whew!! I made it!
I was really pushing this deadline.
I had a T-shirt and photo ministry quilt that needed to be done by April 1st, so that it could get to a long arm person and then to the recipient by April 19th. 
I know--this is even pushing the deadline for long arm, but it is going to my hometown,
 Pleasant Hill, Mo...population 6,739...Salute!!
 (oh sorry...this isn't Hee Haw is it? I got a bit carried away.)

Anyway--I completely trust the long arm person there to get it done. She understands the need. 
And she knows that I didn't have a big window of time either.
I am not at liberty to discuss much about this quilt, other than a mother tragically lost her grown son on April 19th of last year. This years anniversary of his death will no doubt be hard on her but she will be able to surround herself with him.

Included are his T-shirts, photos, and jeans.
The inner border was made from some of his dress shirts,
while the outer border is music notes.
The recipient chose everything for this quilt...
the colors, fabric, layout; all I did was piece it together.

This is a big load off my shoulder because I have had several time-sensitive quilts.
It will be nice to breathe a little.

Oh, and since I have blog friends from all over the world,
I am betting that most of you have NO idea what Hee Haw is.
Hee Haw was a variety show that used to come on television once a week when I was a kid--
and it's one of those shows that warms my Hillbilly heart!
They would pick a small farm town every week and say the population,
then all the musicians and actors would jump out of the cornfield and say, "Salute".
My post title today is from the show's theme song.
I was looking for a clip...and there are so many great ones!
I couldn't pick just one...impossible. 
So, here are a few Hee Haw videos
 for your Sunday Hillbilly entertainment...


Mr Mrs Crafty said...

LOL I was just a kid when that was on the air. But I do remember Tenn Ernie Ford - with a voice like his how can you..

That quilt is beautiful. She is going to cry fresh tears when she gets it. You so amaze me dear...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I remember Hee Haw - loved the mix of music and comedy - we need some of that good earth home-town TV again instead of all the violence.

A wonderful memory quilt and bless you for taking on the task of making it.

Pat said...

Not only didn't I know Hee Haw, I don't know what you mean by a long arm person! Are you sure we're talking the same language? :lol:

That's such a beautiful quilt, Tonya - I am sure it will be a great blessing. You're a complete sweetheart for making it *hugs* xx

QuiltSue said...

Thank you for the explanation, I'd never heard of the show, but the clips made me laugh.

Marcia said...

I love the memory quilt! You did a great job! It will be a wonderful memory for the mom.

And I loved Hee Haw! Yes I am old enough to remember it. I think it was on TV on Saturday or Sunday night and we watched it as a family. I will play the video clips for my husband. He will love them. We just watched a rerun of the show about a week ago.

Thanks for sharing both the memory quilt and the video clips!

Patty@Granma's said...

Growing up with shows like Hee Haw, only having one or two stations to watch in our small town, pop. 1900.... on a good day. Mom insisted we could work and watch TV at the same time, things like ironing, mending or folding laundry were always available. We haven't owned a TV in 38 years, so have 'missed out' on a lot of ugliness and commercialism. "That's Good"

krisgray said...

Great looking quilt. Thanks for the clips. We never missed HeeHaw in our house. The Salute sketch was always my fave.

Sara G said...

Thank you! Bringing back some old memories when I was a little girl. We always watched and even had my cousin's clogging team on the show. Miss times like these!

Heather said...

The quilt is beautiful & I'm sure a load off your shoulders!

Hee Haw was unfortunately before my time. Too bad,since it looks like it was a great show!

Barb said...

What a beautiful love it.

I so remember fun.

The Tulip Patch said...

We watched Hee Haw every week! I knew all those songs by heart.

Glad you had the quilt done...must be a huge weight off your mind!

Mariliz said...

I used to watch Hee Haw as a kid too. Great job on the memory quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

What a beautiful quilt, and I know the recipient will appreciate it so much! Good work!!

Hope Filled Living said...

The quilt is beautiful. Thank you so much for stopping by recently and wishing me well. I really appreciate it. Hope to be up and around again soon.
Love to you,

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I sure loved Hee-Haw. I'd love if you posted more clips later on, especially those where they got tickled and screwed up the punch lines. I used to laugh and laugh and laugh at those screw-ups when I was a child.