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Thursday, March 3, 2011

As if I am not busy enough...

I have certainly found the silver lining of the cloud that hangs over my sewing room.
If I had a working machine,
I doubt that I would have even taken up hand embroidery.

I am so busy doing some ministry quilts that I am not
able to take the time to show you everything that I'm working on.
But, I did want to mention a couple of fun blogs that I've joined
in case any of you other stitchers out there would be interested.

We are just starting this pattern over at 
It is very enjoyable as there are so many woman bloggers 
from all over the world that have joined along as well.
I did about fall over when the book arrived in the mail though.
It is only about 5 inches wide.
I won't mention what I paid for it. YIKES!

The other stitch-a-long blog that I am joining is 
(Yes, I had to google Vignette too.
I didn't know what it meant either.)
This is beautiful, but is costing some money.
 I went back and forth on whether I should be spending or not.
(Well, frankly I shouldn't be...but I wanted to so badly!)
It is a monthly magazine from Australia.

I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore.
Why? I have blog land!
But, I decided to be selfish and take this one for one year 
and see how it goes.
(I am funding my little purchase by selling some fabric on ebay.
Hey! Whatever it takes!)

On top of these,
I still plan to do ALL those quilts over on the side bar.
But, the ministry comes first.
I have one quilt that I am working on for a girl with cancer,
a memory photo/t -shirt quilt that has to be done in a few weeks,
3 dog quilts, and another cancer patient quilt to do.
Then after that I think I am taking a break for a month or two
to catch up on some of those BOM's on the right.
I feel selfish doing that, but the ministry has taken over,
and I have so much that I really want to learn!
(And I have a certain young man that would like a quilt of his own.
I have promised him for years. Now I have the pattern
all picked out and his fabric. I really want Seth to have it by next fall.)


Pat said...

My word, but you're busy!
For all the work you do for others, I think you should have something just for you. Enjoy that magazine! xx

Junibears said...

I hope you enjoy your magazine. I'm glad to see you are keeping so busy.
Love and Hugs
June xx

Hope Filled Living said...

Thank you for inspiring me this morning with all of your beautiful work. I love doing quilts! I just wish I had more time to do it.

Hugs to you,

Patty@Granma's said...

Love that picture! It exactly represents my life right now!
And yes, you should carve a piece of time from each day for doing something for you - it keeps you sane, grounded and refreshed.

(That from a little old lady who's currently running in twenty directions - I think I'll take my own advice!) )

Marcia said...

Why is it that we say Yes ? ... one more project or one more volunteering to help... We are busy doing Quilts of Valor for our guild. I volunteered to long-arm quilt 7 of them in April. They are lap to twin size and the guild members are sharing some fat quarters with me in trade for my time - which is wonderful... I think as quilters we think there is more time in the day then there is and at the end of the day we are surprised we didn't get everything done. And then the next day we try to do more than we can - all over again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts... feel like I am getting to know you.. Thanks!

Chookyblue...... said...

the book is smaller then I thought to start with too.....but I love it and the stitcheries.......yes there is a wonderful world wide mix of girls.........
if you want to do Vignette just go for it.......

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Good grief! You stay busier than me! And that is saying something!
The cover of that magazine is divine. I wish I could afford subscriptions to a few Aussie mags that I adore.
Will keep checking back in for updates. Thinking of you muchly, always with a prayer and smile in my heart.

Mariliz said...

You are a busy lady! I hope that you enjoy your stitch a-longs.