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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stephen's First Haircut Adventure

Remember my last adventure,
when daddy saw my hair like this, 
and said that I need a HAIRCUT ADVENTURE?

Mommy liked my curls,
but daddy said he didn't like people thinking I was a girl.
Me neither! I don't look like a girl!

So, I agreed to have a haircut as long as we went 
to a boy place to get it.
Daddy said he knew of a place just for big boys.

We let Mommy go just this time to get pictures.
But, she never gets to come again.
She did nothing but complain about how gross it was there.
So, what's a little hair and dirt, anyway??

Here we go, 
I'm ready!!

So far so good!

I Spoke too soon.
Nobody said there would be torture.
Do you see them holding me down and torturing me??

That was not fun!
Finally it is done!
Don't I look like a handsome big boy now?

My red curls are all gone;
Mommy said my baby sweetness got all cutted away,
and all that's left is orneriness!

You know what?
When big boys are good,
and get their haircut without too much fussing,
their Daddies buy them treats!
Thanks Daddy!


QuiltSue said...

Now you look very handsome indeed.

Angie said...

You look very cute, Stephen!

I HATED getting my boys hair cut for the first time. They had some longish locks for awhile :)
I just love that baby look-and you were right that was gross-certainly a daddy/son outing for next time!

B-Z-Quilting said...

So very precious! It brought back many sweet memories for me of my son during his baby years. Stephen is adorable with or without his curls. God bless!

NorthernStar said...

Adorable! I don't think he looked like a girl before but he looks really sweet with his big boy cut

Mariliz said...

Awww.thanks for sharing. Adorable!

Sara G said...

So precious!

Melissa said...

What a handsome young man! And cookies really do make it all better, don't they?

Quiltaholic said...


Pat said...

Looking good, Stephen!
That cookie must have been delicious! xx