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Monday, February 14, 2011


Look what came in the mail this past weekend:

I tried to make the photo fairly large so that you can see the date.
It was mailed to me on October 17th.
It only took 4 months!

But, you see, it comes at the PERFECT time.
is having a new little baby girl. 
On Valentine's day!
It is also Jane's Birthday!
Boy, that sure will be easy on Daddy.
His wife's birthday,
his daughters birthday,
and Valentine's Day
All in one!

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day
to all of the Groovy Pumpkin family!
And thank you for my ornament.
Even though it was sent as part of the 
I think taking four months to get here,
was perfect timing! Don't you?


Pat said...

Oh dear! That really is poor service. Still, at least it arrived!

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Tonya, I only just saw this message - now, I think THIS is also a long time to reach ME this time. *sigh* Let's hope that my ornament(s) will get out a bit quicker this year, eh!?

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and best wishes. It will be an exciting day on 14th February next year, our first joint birthday. How strange that will be!

Take care,
Jane xxxx