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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am in LOVE with this new line of fabrics!!
It is called "Max and Whiskars" from Moda.

Normally, I don't buy much fabric.
But of this line, I bought a charm pack
and my first ever Jelly Roll.
I wish that I could buy yards and yards of it.
Here's a close up:

Adorable? Yes!
I am working on a special project with it this week.
I'll show you soon :)


Today, up for sale are my scraps.
Yes, my scraps! Look how many I have!

All kinds, all sizes.
I squezzed them all into flat rate boxes.

If you want either the large or small you have to make note of that in the comment.
First to say they want it...gets it.
It will stay up for 48 hours, 
then it goes to Etsy for a higher price.
The large box is $19.00 and includes 14.95 flat rate shipping.(That's only $4 for the fabric.)
The small box is $13.00 and includes 10.95 flat rate shipping. (only $2 for the fabric.)
My international friends must pay the difference in shipping.
If you are the purchaser,
please email me with your paypal shipping address so that I can send you an invoice.
Only paypal accepted.


Jenn said...

Just waving hello - haven't said hi in a while. Love the animal fabric.
I just started home schooling my 12 year old and it's been busy but fun. So grateful for all the home schooling mamas out there who gave me the courage to go for it!

Phyllis said...

That new line of fabric is so cute. What are you going to make with it?

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing said...

I love the yellow fabric but then I keep eye the others and fall more in love with them. Oh flip i love them all... I'm with Phyllis what are your future plan on the new fabric..