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Thursday, February 3, 2011

In a week or so

For those that don't know...
I homeschool my oldest son, Seth.
But, our situation is unusual in that he spends 10 days here,
then 5 days at this dad's house.
This switches in the summer.

On my ten days with Seth we have to do school
---even the weekends--
in order to get all his hours in.

BUT...we have snowdays too.
Like when he goes to spend the night with
a church friend and we get a big snow
and he gets to stay extra.

Or when he's supposed to come home from his dad's
and we have a blizzard and we can't make it to get him.

SO, he comes home tonight (a few days late)
and I really really need time to make up some work with him.

He leaves again next Friday (the 11th) and I'll be back.
I might comment on a few blogs;
but probably rarely as I'll be buzzing through them.

And I'll miss you.
But this is quite necessary.
Will ya miss me?


Melissa said...

Of course! But I will feel better knowing that you have not found another to replace me! HA! Study hard, Seth!

Sara G said...

Enjoy this time with him!! You will be missed but you both need this time :)

Heather said...

We'll miss you in blogging land!

Lynda said...

I admire you for home schooling. I'm sure the time with Seth is a blessing even if it involves lots of schoolwork. You will be missed!

Judi said...

Oh course we'll miss you!

Pat said...

oh you know I'll miss you, my darling friend. Time is too short we spend together anyway - but getting the schooling right must come first.
Love you
Pat xx

Marcia said...

Could you incorporate a quilting project into the home schooling? My son and I made a Green Bay Packer Quilt when he was in middle school. We used 12 Packer colored fabrics and made a perfect crazee patch quilt --- But what I mean by perfect was that each block had a matching mirror image block. It was quite a process. Maybe one of the challenges from Project Quilting! Thanks for sharing!

Pokey said...

School schedules are tough, but you hafta do it. Enjoy the time you get, it's special.
We'll catch up! :-}pokey

Ann Nichols said...

Oh my... I remember those days! Yes, you must take care of your son and his school first. I always love your posts but as you can tell from how delayed I am in visiting - I have been unable to do much more than post 3 times a week lately! I haven't even been able to visit or leave comments - something I so enjoy. And, I don't have as good an excuse as you! Just life and work...
Stephen's first haircut - adorable!!
And how is Amy doing with her new job? - I often think about her and hope that all is going well!
many blessings!

Madame Samm said...

yes miss you for sure...haven't seen you in awhile and now I know why.