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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Hate Clutter!

I am in the mood to move furniture and re-do the whole house.
I get this way every few months.
Does anyone else do that?

Of course, I started with my room.
I find that the hardest to keep organized.
While I feel so blessed to finally have an allotted sewing area,
I find it very hard to keep all the sewing equipment and 'stuff' AND

the large art palette(fabric), 

the home school stuff (both teacher and student's),

my office equipment (computer/and an HUGE large format printer),

Amy's cricut and paper supplies,

my recliner/bed, (I have to sleep in a recliner due to an injury and found it impossible to get the rest that I need in the living room where I had to contend with wind chimes, or music, or tv or teenagers)

 all my clothes, (thank goodness there aren't many. Most are in the basement in boxes from before I had a baby in my 40's. I am beginning to wonder if they will ever find their way into my closet again.)

and my personal reading materials

ALL IN ONE room. 

But I try. 

I'll be back to my normal blog postings on Monday.
I have some very nice changes in store. 

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