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Monday, February 28, 2011

Crossed nose hairs and a giveaway

For the past nine weeks I have been following the Quilting is Murder mystery.
The mystery itself was kind of silly...
but it was rather fun to read each Saturday morning.

The best part of the mystery was jumping around the internet to look for clues.
They were easy to find (took me less than a 1/2 hour each week);
and they pointed me to lots of quilt shops and fun along the way.

Also, each week on their blog, they intro'd us to some colorful characters.
It was interesting learning more about people that one has always heard of;
but never knew the full details. 
The selection of characters was about as colorful as the characters themselves.
I can now say that I know a bit more about Dennis Rodman,

Coco Chanel,
 and even Queen Lili'uokalani.
(I was most interested in her as she is the great grandmother of my DD.)

Now the mystery is solved.
But there is still another goody in store.
Some of the participants are going to win prizes.
Up for grabs are a sewing machine and some Baby Go!'s.
You all know how badly I need a machine.
Keep your fingers, toes, nose hairs, and freckles crossed for me!
The drawing is in a couple of days.

For those that missed the mystery...there's another coming in May.
I'll let you know when.

Time for the giveaway I spoke about a while back.
I have several quilt patterns/books that I will be including.
(whatever I can fit into a flat rate envelope).
On Saturday I will post the photo of the books and do the drawing on Sunday March 6th.
The catch? Anyone that commented in February...gets an extra entry for each comment.
Anyone that is a follower BEFORE the final day (coming Saturday)
gets an extra entry.


QuiltSue said...

Good luck in the draw for a sewing machine. I sew hope you win it.

Sarah Craig said...

I've got everything crossed for you!! Good luck!!

Pat said...

Fingers and toes crossed you win the machine.. even crossing eyeballs too ! :) xx

Bren said...

Gosh when I saw those scissors in blood, I thought you had an accident!!! whew!

krisgray said...

Thanks to you I got in on the murder mystery, too. Found some new shops and one sells zippers for much less than Joanns. You win the machine and maybe I will get a Baby GO!

Lynda said...

Good luck on winning that sewing machine!

Did anyone else notice that Dennis Rodman's hair sort of looks like felted wool?

Melissa said...

I followed that, too! If I win, I'll give them your address!!

Sherry said...

I missed the murder mystery. It sounds like it would have been fun. I will try to catch the next one. I hope you win the sewing machine. Have a great week!

John'aLee said...

Oh I hope you win girlie!
I totally missed that mystery thing. Sounds like it was something new and interesting!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, that would be so cool for you to get a new sewing partner. I followed the mystery for a while, but then got caught up in time committments - then forgot.