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Saturday, February 26, 2011

As promised, it is time for an update on our prison dogs.
I have one sad story to tell.

Dawn was placed into a home...
but they couldn't handle her. Now she is back in a foster home.
If you'll remember, Dawn came from a puppy mill and spent her life breeding.
She's an older dog and has Matriarch tendencies.
If she can rule the home, she will. 
If she can't...then she'll go on a hunger strike.
This stressed her new owner too much. 
I hope that they can find a home for her sometime!
She loved the prison...
but it is time for her to learn to love freedom.

Rudy has an adoptive home...
if he would just learn to master the leash.
He rather enjoys taking his owner for a walk instead of the other way around.

Ivy and Jade have both come out of their shells.
They were so shy when the came to the program,
but now have happy go lucky natures.
They will be ready for adoption soon.
Way to go ladies!

Quil is getting over his orneriness.
He is just opinionated.
He is picky about who he likes,
and isn't afraid to let others know that he doesn't like them.

Mandi loves everyone. 
She still kind of needs to learn to not jump on them to show them just how much though.
She is being considered for a service dog program.
She is very smart. 
They have been trying to train the dogs to go lay on their blanket
(that I made--big grins!) on command. 
Mandi is the first to learn this.
They put her blanket out in the wing and say "mat"
and goes and lays down. 
Of course she wants to go lay on her special blankie!!

Cricket is so soft and beautiful that she is irresistible.
She doesn't like being approached or petted though.
She'll get there. 
She hasn't even been in the program a month yet.

I have a new blanket to make for Mr. Carlos soon. 
I'll keep you informed!


Pat said...

Well done to Mandi !
And thanks so much, Tonya, for the pupdates :) xx

Chartreuse Moose said...

I'm a bit slow on blog reading...actually...I'm pathetic somedays/weeks at keeping up! Life seems so hectic! I just discovered your BOM it too late to start? Will you be leaving the blocks on your blog as you go? They are just bright/cheery!

Melissa said...

Oh good for the puppies and I sure hope the inmates are internalizing the turn around those great pups have made.