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Friday, January 7, 2011

Wild Child

Ornery, Ornery, Ornery Quil

Quil is a lab mix, around a year old.
He is very rambunctious. 
Happy but hyper.

He is a handful for his handlers; 
and will probably have to stay in the prison program
a bit longer than some of the other dogs.

This is why I like the prison program so much;
because without the program 
Quil might not be adoptable.

A happy hyper dog gets a happy hyper blankie!

(You'll have to excuse the complete wonky-ness of today's and tomorrow's photos.
My handy dandy quilt hanging spot is in the process of being moved to new location.)


Pat said...

Quil sounds like my kind of boy!
Blessings to you for making him the blankie - and all best wishes for him to get a wonderful new home xx

Heather said...

He definately looks like an ornery one! :)

Phyllis said...

Sounds like a lab mix I had for 12 years. It took him till he was 5 to start settling down!

Love Ivey and Jade, and their blankets. I'm quite drawn to shy dogs. My Princess used to be that way. She's wonderful now.

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Quil sure is cute! I hope he finds a great home!!