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Friday, January 28, 2011


A quick question for all of you that have WIP's out there.

I don't normally have WIP's.
Well, except the ONE that I am working on.
I don't have UFO's either.
But this is changing since I don't have a machine to quilt.

I have no problem storing flimsies,
but what about all those BOM's on the side bar?
How do you all store your finished blocks
and your other fabric that is waiting to be used?
I don't have shelf space.
I am wondering about hanging it all in a closet
on skirt hangers or something.

We are talking a year's worth of storing here.
(Oh, man that makes me nervous!)

I will try this for ONE YEAR,
and see if I can deal with
having more than one project going at a time.

Translation for my non quilt readers:
WIP's: works in progress
UFO's: Unfinished objects
BOM's: block of the month (each month another block is issued until the quilt is completed)
FLIMSIES: quilts that are pieced but layered with batting or quilted yet
HILLBILLY: not a redneck; not even close.


teresamnj said...

I just kept my completed blocks of the month in a pile off to the side on my cutting table, as I only had the one project going, but how about trying those clear plastic 12x12 storage boxes that scrappers use? You can see through the box to see what's in it, keep your fabric clean and dust free, and stack them. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive. Hmmm, now that you have me thinking about it, I think I'm going to get a few.

Lynda said...

I've just recently purchased some plastic storage bins for my WIPS and I love it. Of course, the bins are still stacked on the floor but that did clear off my cutting table from all the half done projects stacked here and there and everywhere....and it keeps them so organized...and I don't use the fabric by mistake in another project...and when I want to work on one I can easily grab a bin. Love it.

B-Z-Quilting said...

I do have UFOs, which I am really trying to get all finished up this calendar year. I also have lots of notions. Curved safety pins, buttons, stabilizer, Steam-A-Seam, thread, etc., in addition to a few stacks of BOM and block swaps. My office/sewing room was getting cluttered to the point of really, really bugging me. I came up with the PERFECT solution! I bought a 5-drawer chest-of-drawers. It holds all my "loose ends" and notions and it adds a very nice look to my sewing room. I have one of my mamaw's quilts draped across the top and I have room on top for baskets with scrap fabric, books, etc. I looked at some yard sales and tried to find a bargain, but did not have much luck with anything that was sturdy and clean. I found this on sale at a furniture store. It is one of my smartest purchases ever! Functional, beautiful, and definitely has helped keep me organized.

teresamnj said...

Ohh, here's really cheap at Joann's!

The Tulip Patch said...

I don't do multiple wips either, but I have to say that I think it's super funny that rednecks think being called hillbilly is an insult and hillbillies think being called a redneck is an insult.

Melissa said...

I don't normally have UFO's and never more than 2 WIPs at time (and only if one is machine sewn and one is hand sewn or machine embroidered). But I have jumped on the BOM bandwagon, too! I had started by storing them in a flat box I found, but I like your idea of skirt hangers better! I agree with you on the Hillbilly definition. Being of West Virginia mountain heritage I can tell you that while the men in our family have long ratty beards and the women smoke pipes, you won't EVER find any of them sporting a red neck mullet!!! LOL!

Sarah Craig said...

Skirt hangers work great for blocks - usually one set will fit on one hanger, so you can easily see what you've got to work on!

Heather said...

Well, I'm the opposite to you in that I have tons of UFO's! My goal this year is to get them done! I store them in boxes, usually, but I have hung things on hangers before & it work very nicely.

in said...

I have three ways of storing WIP. First I have my trunk from college-I cant believe I just got an email saying my 20 year reunion is this year! This slides under the by ironing table. I have those extra large freezer bags that 90's UFO 12.5 blocks slide right into. I also store my vintage blocks/tops/quilts there too. For my current WIP I have both plastic scrapbook storage from Joann's and some lovely patterned cardboard archival scrapbook boxes from AC Moore. Both stack nicely and fit under other things-like my tool bins on the cutting table or under the table.