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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shy Girl the Second

Gorgeous Jade

No, you aren't seeing a repeat of yesterday's shy girl.
This is Ivy's sister, Jade.
Jade is super shy...more so even than Ivy.
She is going to take a bit more work;
she is just so shy that commands are hard to take for her.

Bless her heart,
when she is ready 
I am glad that she will have her blankie to take along
because I fear a new home will be hard on her!

Hers is my favorite doggie blankie so far!


Sharon said...

That's nice! Jade will be happy to have her very own blankie.

Angie said...

very cute!

Pat said...

I hope your blankie is the beginning of Jade realising that some humans can wrap her in their love xx