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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mom Loses Her Marbles

My mommy can be so silly sometimes!
Yesterday she stripped me down to my long john's.
My long john's are special cuz they cover my toes.

But, then mommy did even sillier things than that!
She put another pair of socks over my covered toes!
 Then, she put my snow suit overalls on,
then my coat,
then..she put socks on my hands!
Socks...on my hands?? 
At this point...I pretty much was thinking she'd lost her mind!
But, it gets crazier!
 She put sandwich baggies on top of the socks on my hands 
and taped them on!

You see that?
By this time I was looking around for her marbles.
Then, I went and found Daddy
and told him that mommy has issues.
He said it would be ok though...
that Mommy's are just silly about playing out in the snow time.
What? Playing out in the snow? Yippee!!
Forget looking for mommy's marbles.
She's on her own!
I am off on my first snow adventure!

We have lots and lots of snow! 
I got to climb snow mountains:

Play in my brother's snow tunnel:

Make snow angels:

And play with the giant Icicles!

Daddy taught me to never eat yellow snow.

I even played hide and seek.
Bet you can't see me!

When we came inside my hair was a bit crazy.
So, daddy said my next adventure has to be
Are you kidding me?

I don't really like the sound of that adventure.
Maybe I'd rather just look for mommy's marbles instead.


Angie said...


Pat said...

Great adventure! Loved the snow angel :) xx

QuiltSue said...

Thank you Stephen. I love reading about your adventures as they always make me smile and laugh.

cyndicow said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, Stephen. You are so cute!

Heather said...

Jameson & I loved reading & looking at your pictures, Stephen! Jameson says that his daddy thinks he needs a hair cut too but mommy says not yet! lol

Melissa said...

Such a happy little guy! What a great smile!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Hi Stephen --

Bet you had a lot of fun playing in the snow! Even with sandwich bags on your hands!
Here's a hug to warm you up ((hugs)).

Junibears said...

Oh what fun Stephen! Your first play in the snow! It's a good job Mommy bundled you up good and tight.
Lots of love xxx