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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miss Cricket

Miss Cricket

graduated from the prison pooch program,
and is going to be on her way to a new home soon!

So, Miss Cricket will be taking her place.
Cricket is actually very well behaved,
and would be ready to adopt...
but she is a very nervous girl.

She hides from everyone
and doesn't know how to give or receive love.
So, she is going to spend a bit of time
with a handler to learn socialization.

I think she is beautiful!
How I wish I could take one of these babies
into our home!
Here is the blankie I made for Cricket:


Melissa said...

Miss Cricket really is gorgeous. Who knows what the poor thing went through to be so skittish!

big B said...

Miss Cricket is a beauty! That is such a nice blanket you made too.