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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm getting bulky!!

The sides!! What did I do??

If you are a 'regular' then you've noticed that my sides have become bulkier. NO...not on me. Well; they have actually...but I meant on my blog.

I've never liked having a blog with a bunch of stuff all over the place but I just keep getting more and more; and I can't help it! I wanted to quickly explain what they are.

On the right are several quilt alongs and some BOM's. 
BOM stands for "Block of the Month".
When a designer offers a free design via their blog;
it is common courtesy to post their button. 

I will not being doing all these blocks right away;
but I hope to do them all sometime.
This is a great reference for anyone wanting to find some freebies!

I designed the left side basically to balance the right. 
Over that direction you will find the normal bloggy stuff,
as well as some of my favorite blogs of friends or designers.

On the buttons up top
you will find all your favorite posts;
 as well as Stephens (soon to be deleted) and Seths.
Coming soon will be designs and fabrics and goodies for sale.
Just a few things to help boost my costs for the quilt ministry.
Can a person sell things on blogger? Anyone know?
I guess I better check the rules on that one!

Feel free to browse around. 
You may just find a new project that you would like to start!


Barb said...

I have seen several sites with paypal on theirs and I was gong to ask them about that. quilts by lee has it on hers...

Ann Nichols said...

It's really really pretty! And it still loads fast! Well done! Love the new blogging "you!"

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Tonya, I like your new layout! I've got a tab for my Blog Shop here:
pop on by if you want a look :D

Jane xx