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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dead Man Curves and other things you don't know

Well, I'm a blushin' just like a young maiden
with a room full of beaus!

Can you believe that people be a-thinkin' that I'm stylish?
Me? The Hillbilly of blogland??

Now there for awhile,
awards were flying left and right.
I mean it were worser 
than a swarm o' skeeters
on a hot summer night!
Taggin' here
and then there.

So, I opted out of the award game fer awhile.
But, then, this past week I got two!.
 both gave me the Stylish blogger award.
Why I'm feelin so stylish I might go get
me a new pair of Sunday-go-to-meetin boots
or somethin'!

Hey, better yet,
I'll jest go an
perty up my "Creation Station"
(that be my fancy name fer my sewin room).
I'll show you how I'm sprucin it up
in a day or two.

In the meantime,
since I got me this here perty award;
I best be doin what it says.

First I'm supposed to be tellin' ya 5 things bout myself.
Why, I had to think perty hard to tell you'ins 
5 things you don't already know.
But here goes:

1) I am accident prone.
I were gonna list some some of the major things,
but that would take some time.
Some are perty good readin
so I'll post bout them later
when I ain't got nothin else to be tellin ya.
2) Even though sometimes I be
silly an' talk like this on my blog,
my bestest subject in school were English/Grammar/Literature.
My kids learn to talk young, 
read young,
and enjoy reading and writing. 
In proper English even.
But I don't discredit 'em when they revert 
back to their hillbilly roots like I'm known to do from time to time. 

3) I sometimes have a real silly streak
and like to tease my younguns with it.
For years we lived in the kuntry 
on some real dangerous curves. 
We saw many a wreck on them curves.
We lost one dog on 'em.
And one lady lost her head.
The curves were known around town as 
"Dead Man Curves".
I up an told my younguns that they be called that
because men would come drivin' by my house,
take one look at my hot curves,
and die right then and there. 
Mercy, ain't I silly?

4) I am not artsy.
I can't be drawin',
or singin'
or playin' music,
or anythin like thet.
I do wish I could at least draw.
I rely on Amy to do that for me.

5) When I don't get any other Bible Reading done
in a day like I should be a doin',
I do like to read my "Proverbs of the Day".
There are 31 for each day of the month.
Then I choose a favorite verse for that  there day.
Today's Verse:
Proverbs 23:12~
Apply your heart to discipline
         And your ears to words of knowledge.

Ok, there be the five things you didn't be knowin 
about me.
Now, I'm also supposed to be passin this here blog award on.
I have several friends that I might be leavin
out here...but you all be needin' to know bout folks
thet maybe don' have as many followers.
So, I am only goin to pick folks that have less than 100
followers. Go show em some love!

1) Blondie over at Vintage Primitives. She is a sweetheart! I think I have found a true soul sister in Blondie!

2) Sharon from Ranch House Haven. It was her blog with all the stitcherys and BOM's posted that got me hooked on them. Sharon's mom suddenly passed away last week. Go give her a cyber hug.

3) June from Junibears Jottings. I see she already got a stylish blogger award. Well, she is stylin' and she deserves it!!

4) Jill fromNorth Star Quilting.
 She is Canadian, but attends college with an American Football team.
She is always trying to get them to quilt; a fun blog!

Wow! What a help he is being to me! 
He is teaching how to draft quilts on his blog.

I could have added so many more, 
Cobblestone Quilting, Women of Block 12,
and, and, and, and,...
Thanks so much for this award.

I hope you done learned a bit about
not so little ol' me
an thet you be keep on comin' back by
for a heapin helpin of my life!



Yep, you gotta watch out for those dead man curves. They'll get ya every time.

NorthernStar said...

He he he I'm not Canadian - I'm British!!!

QuiltSue said...

Heyyy, congratulations on that li'l ole award theyre.

Ooh, I can talk Hillbilly I think, so that means I'm bi-lingual!

Mariliz said...

Thanks for the laugh!!

Ann Nichols said...

Congratulations! Enjoyed the 5 things list!

Barb said...

Congrats on the awards...I enjoyed learning more about you...thanks!

Phyllis said...

Silly woman! Funny post - especially the part about telling the kids what dead man's curve was.

I can't wait till my little goats will let me pet them! :)

Aunt Spicy said...

What a great list! Glad to know you have a silly side!