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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blessings are everywhere

Yesterday I posted about how wonderfully blessed I was when my daughter treated me to a Mom's Day.
Thanks for your comments..she truly is a blessing to me.

Normally I HATE long wordy posts. I am not good about reading them. So, I am sure that MOST of you won't read this one. But, I did come to a realization yesterday about me and my machine struggles; and I do want to share that with you.

Many of you know that I have been having sewing machine struggles for months. I stupidly got rid of a perfectly good Kenmore machine and purchased a Sewing/embroidery combo machine. In retrospect, I think I am going to have to say that my husband was right on this one. (OH I'll NEVER live that down...saying that right here for the whole world to see!!) He says that a good sewing machine is a good sewing machine. A good embroidery machine is a good embroidery machine. But, to try to make one machine do both...well...quality has to be lost along the way. I totally agree--at least NOW I do.

So, last October, after another part broke on a 3 year old machine that has been in the shop more than once..I decided to get rid of it. First I tried Craigslist. I don't like these online selling sites. I probably should have kept up with my attempts instead of quitting after the first spammer came my way...never the less, I gave up on that.

 Next, I took the machine to a local Janome dealer. They encouraged me to sell it on ebay instead of trading it in. But, I was worried about internet selling and ended up just trading it. I got $800 for it in trade. Then came home and looked on ebay where one like it had just sold for $1500. I told myself that at least THAT one didn't have two broken parts as mine did.(It sort of helped the sting.)

When I traded, I traded for the Janome Horizon. Jerry and I thought about this a lot; we knew the cost was a huge factor, but it is a machine made completely for quilting and the investment would be a good one as a long arm is not sensible for me.(I don't think it is for many people at around $20,000) I usually make twin size or smaller quilts; and the Horizon has a large enough area to quilt these comfortably. Also that built in walking foot was a huge selling point with me!

Over the past few months I have struggled with my 'junk' machine and am finally at the point that I cannot quilt at all. (I can piece the quilts though.) So, I called up the sewing machine store where the Horizon is on layaway and asked if I could take the money that has been paid and get a lesser machine instead. They said no...that the contract is for the Horizon and they won't allow a different machine.

This made me angry. How is it different than getting the machine out, and then getting a refund as it has never been used? My money is my money. They've probably already sold the trade in and gotten good money for it. So, why not let me have a machine now?? I even tried to get them to let me take a bit of money out, get a much lesser machine, and keep paying on the big machine. They get even more money this way. Guess what? NOPE.

After fuming a few days and moaning and groaning about it all...I realized something. I believe God's hand is in every little thing in our lives. He cares about even me and my sewing machine. And you know what?

He wants me to have that Horizon. In HIS time. Because He is always working on me and my patience. (or the lack there of.) When I do finally get that machine...I will very much appreciate it. And I will have realized that God's hand was in it all along.

I can see it...just over the Horizon...


Kathleen said...

Sometimes it's so hard to wait for God's time. Soon.

Melissa said...

Not very good customer service, but you showed them by turning it into a positive!!

Marcia said...

Wow I read the whole blog !! That is some story! When will you get the Janome Horizon? I can't believe that they didn't even offer you an older janome to rent or borrow til you get your machine. I sew all the time and I too have more than one machine (all Janomes)--- I can't imagine not being able to sew! I also have a Gammill long arm machine that I quilt full time for customers and of course quilt my quilts too. My heart goes out to you! Hope you get the new machine sooner - rather then later!!

Pat said...

I read it all too - you're a good, interesting writer :)
I'm sorry that Janome would not be flexible in their approach with you - but everything for a reason.
It does mean eventually you will get the machine that is just right for you. Patience is a difficult one - *hugs* to you xx

Tanzie said...

I love your story about how God cares about us and our "machines"... I know sometimes we limit the Father and think He is only into hugs, mountain moving activities... But, we know he cares about the birds of the air,, so why not our "machines"..The Bible does tell us he gives us the desires of our hearts and I believe this is true if it is in line with His will..Make sure we know when you get it!!!!