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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here I go again with two posts in one day.
But this one is very short,
and is compliments of my facebook friends.
And you will enjoy it.

Ok, so you know that this year we have:

  • 1/1/11
  • 1/11/11
  • 11/1/11
  • 11/11/11

BUT I bet you didn't know this....

Take the last two days of your birth year
(For me that is 69)
And add how old you will be this year.
(42 for me).

It will add up to 111.

Isn't that weird????


debi said...

I thought you were wrong, until I figured out my REAL age this year!! LOL!!! It worked, weird is right! (58 by the way) now THAT is weird!! haha..

QuiltSue said...

That is so weird. After I checked it on my dates, I did DH, DS, and all the grandsons.

Lynda said...

OK it worked. Guess I'll have to stop telling people I'mm 35 now.

Melissa said...

That is weird. Whenever those sorts of odities come up , I am always amused!

Wayne Kollinger said...

It only works if you are 12 or older. If you are 11 or younger the total is 11.