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Saturday, January 1, 2011


How cool is that?
1-1-11. Guess that only happens 1ce in a lifetime!
We have a lady in our church that is 110 years old.
I guess maybe it has happened twice in her lifetime!
Wow, 110. Amazing, huh?

Anyway, on with my post...

One day every week,
 My Sister hosts an Unplugged Challenge.

Although she picks a day and posts it online
for others to follow suit...I usually just pick
a day of my own that works better for our schedule.

On the 'Unplugged' Day we are not to do the following:

  • Get on the computer. At all! (unless you have to use it for work/school and that will be the only reason to use it for this day!)
  • Watch TV
  • Use cell phones to text
  • Play video games
  • Turn off the radio (my rule, not my sisters)
The benefits of an "Unplugged" Day? Lots!
Family time, reading time, creativity time,
get exercise, etc.

I am going to be Unplugged today!
That means no response to emails or comments. Sorry!
No facebook comments.
And if I can get the hubby to radio or  TV!
(I don't like or watch tv so this one gets a big thumbs up in my book!)

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


Pat said...

Enjoy your unplugged day - a break is always good :) xx

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Wow, 110! That's amazing!
Enjoy your unplugged day! I know that would be really hard to do....I think my daughter would go into shock ;)

Heather said...

Enjoy your Unplugged Day! I'll miss talking to you online but we all need a little break from the media!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to know a woman that age! And to know she is a Christian!!!

I agree with the unplugged! I have to do that sometimes just so I can get refocused...esp with the LORD! To get into HIS WORD and hear Him without. We communicate with the world but it is hard to get quiet in our closet and to communicate with our Creator! Let's do it daily!

Kathleen said...

An unplugged day sounds like a great idea. When our kids were young we put the TV away for a whole summer. We did so much that summer!