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Sunday, January 30, 2011

No more Dry Eyes Weekend Part 2

Ok, if yesterday's post didn't make you grab a tissue, today's will.
This isn't about American Idol.
This is about "through sickness and health til death do us part."

See it through til the end...see what they do after he auditions.

Friday, January 28, 2011


A quick question for all of you that have WIP's out there.

I don't normally have WIP's.
Well, except the ONE that I am working on.
I don't have UFO's either.
But this is changing since I don't have a machine to quilt.

I have no problem storing flimsies,
but what about all those BOM's on the side bar?
How do you all store your finished blocks
and your other fabric that is waiting to be used?
I don't have shelf space.
I am wondering about hanging it all in a closet
on skirt hangers or something.

We are talking a year's worth of storing here.
(Oh, man that makes me nervous!)

I will try this for ONE YEAR,
and see if I can deal with
having more than one project going at a time.

Translation for my non quilt readers:
WIP's: works in progress
UFO's: Unfinished objects
BOM's: block of the month (each month another block is issued until the quilt is completed)
FLIMSIES: quilts that are pieced but layered with batting or quilted yet
HILLBILLY: not a redneck; not even close.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mom Loses Her Marbles

My mommy can be so silly sometimes!
Yesterday she stripped me down to my long john's.
My long john's are special cuz they cover my toes.

But, then mommy did even sillier things than that!
She put another pair of socks over my covered toes!
 Then, she put my snow suit overalls on,
then my coat,
then..she put socks on my hands!
Socks...on my hands?? 
At this point...I pretty much was thinking she'd lost her mind!
But, it gets crazier!
 She put sandwich baggies on top of the socks on my hands 
and taped them on!

You see that?
By this time I was looking around for her marbles.
Then, I went and found Daddy
and told him that mommy has issues.
He said it would be ok though...
that Mommy's are just silly about playing out in the snow time.
What? Playing out in the snow? Yippee!!
Forget looking for mommy's marbles.
She's on her own!
I am off on my first snow adventure!

We have lots and lots of snow! 
I got to climb snow mountains:

Play in my brother's snow tunnel:

Make snow angels:

And play with the giant Icicles!

Daddy taught me to never eat yellow snow.

I even played hide and seek.
Bet you can't see me!

When we came inside my hair was a bit crazy.
So, daddy said my next adventure has to be
Are you kidding me?

I don't really like the sound of that adventure.
Maybe I'd rather just look for mommy's marbles instead.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dead Man Curves and other things you don't know

Well, I'm a blushin' just like a young maiden
with a room full of beaus!

Can you believe that people be a-thinkin' that I'm stylish?
Me? The Hillbilly of blogland??

Now there for awhile,
awards were flying left and right.
I mean it were worser 
than a swarm o' skeeters
on a hot summer night!
Taggin' here
and then there.

So, I opted out of the award game fer awhile.
But, then, this past week I got two!.
 both gave me the Stylish blogger award.
Why I'm feelin so stylish I might go get
me a new pair of Sunday-go-to-meetin boots
or somethin'!

Hey, better yet,
I'll jest go an
perty up my "Creation Station"
(that be my fancy name fer my sewin room).
I'll show you how I'm sprucin it up
in a day or two.

In the meantime,
since I got me this here perty award;
I best be doin what it says.

First I'm supposed to be tellin' ya 5 things bout myself.
Why, I had to think perty hard to tell you'ins 
5 things you don't already know.
But here goes:

1) I am accident prone.
I were gonna list some some of the major things,
but that would take some time.
Some are perty good readin
so I'll post bout them later
when I ain't got nothin else to be tellin ya.
2) Even though sometimes I be
silly an' talk like this on my blog,
my bestest subject in school were English/Grammar/Literature.
My kids learn to talk young, 
read young,
and enjoy reading and writing. 
In proper English even.
But I don't discredit 'em when they revert 
back to their hillbilly roots like I'm known to do from time to time. 

3) I sometimes have a real silly streak
and like to tease my younguns with it.
For years we lived in the kuntry 
on some real dangerous curves. 
We saw many a wreck on them curves.
We lost one dog on 'em.
And one lady lost her head.
The curves were known around town as 
"Dead Man Curves".
I up an told my younguns that they be called that
because men would come drivin' by my house,
take one look at my hot curves,
and die right then and there. 
Mercy, ain't I silly?

4) I am not artsy.
I can't be drawin',
or singin'
or playin' music,
or anythin like thet.
I do wish I could at least draw.
I rely on Amy to do that for me.

5) When I don't get any other Bible Reading done
in a day like I should be a doin',
I do like to read my "Proverbs of the Day".
There are 31 for each day of the month.
Then I choose a favorite verse for that  there day.
Today's Verse:
Proverbs 23:12~
Apply your heart to discipline
         And your ears to words of knowledge.

Ok, there be the five things you didn't be knowin 
about me.
Now, I'm also supposed to be passin this here blog award on.
I have several friends that I might be leavin
out here...but you all be needin' to know bout folks
thet maybe don' have as many followers.
So, I am only goin to pick folks that have less than 100
followers. Go show em some love!

1) Blondie over at Vintage Primitives. She is a sweetheart! I think I have found a true soul sister in Blondie!

2) Sharon from Ranch House Haven. It was her blog with all the stitcherys and BOM's posted that got me hooked on them. Sharon's mom suddenly passed away last week. Go give her a cyber hug.

3) June from Junibears Jottings. I see she already got a stylish blogger award. Well, she is stylin' and she deserves it!!

4) Jill fromNorth Star Quilting.
 She is Canadian, but attends college with an American Football team.
She is always trying to get them to quilt; a fun blog!

Wow! What a help he is being to me! 
He is teaching how to draft quilts on his blog.

I could have added so many more, 
Cobblestone Quilting, Women of Block 12,
and, and, and, and,...
Thanks so much for this award.

I hope you done learned a bit about
not so little ol' me
an thet you be keep on comin' back by
for a heapin helpin of my life!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Birthday Request

This morning as I was reading through my blogroll,
I came across a post at Cobblestone Quilting
that just wrenched my heart.
She had sent out a request to pray for Joanne.

I spent the next half hour reading all about Joanne.
On Jan 11, Joanne had a stroke.
She's only 38 years old and was found in the basement
by her 12 year old daughter.
She has two daughters whom she was homeschooling.

She has been in a drug induced coma ever since.
This was completely necessary due to brain swelling.
They have yet to find out the extent of her brain damage,
but she is starting to come out of it today.
She coughed. A good sign.

Her girls have been placed in a private school.
Her husband has a hard time leaving her side 
to go home and be Daddy.

Do remember what happened at our house in October?
Jerry had a stroke.
This could have been us.
My mind just keeps churning with the 'what if it was'?
I would have to go to work. 
How could I do that when I can't even flip a light switch 
anymore with my messed up arm/shoulder?
Seth would probably have to move to his dad's 
more permanently and go to school there.
What about our baby boy?
We just couldn't put him in day care.
I couldn't!! What then?

I am feeling so blessed that God spared us;
but my heart really goes out to this family.
Please, today is my birthday~~
For my birthday, could you promise 
to lift this family up in prayer?
There is a button on my sidebar to her blog.
Her husband blogs daily progress.
You can always click on the button to read updates.

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miss Cricket

Miss Cricket

graduated from the prison pooch program,
and is going to be on her way to a new home soon!

So, Miss Cricket will be taking her place.
Cricket is actually very well behaved,
and would be ready to adopt...
but she is a very nervous girl.

She hides from everyone
and doesn't know how to give or receive love.
So, she is going to spend a bit of time
with a handler to learn socialization.

I think she is beautiful!
How I wish I could take one of these babies
into our home!
Here is the blankie I made for Cricket:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here I go again with two posts in one day.
But this one is very short,
and is compliments of my facebook friends.
And you will enjoy it.

Ok, so you know that this year we have:

  • 1/1/11
  • 1/11/11
  • 11/1/11
  • 11/11/11

BUT I bet you didn't know this....

Take the last two days of your birth year
(For me that is 69)
And add how old you will be this year.
(42 for me).

It will add up to 111.

Isn't that weird????

Blessings are everywhere

Yesterday I posted about how wonderfully blessed I was when my daughter treated me to a Mom's Day.
Thanks for your comments..she truly is a blessing to me.

Normally I HATE long wordy posts. I am not good about reading them. So, I am sure that MOST of you won't read this one. But, I did come to a realization yesterday about me and my machine struggles; and I do want to share that with you.

Many of you know that I have been having sewing machine struggles for months. I stupidly got rid of a perfectly good Kenmore machine and purchased a Sewing/embroidery combo machine. In retrospect, I think I am going to have to say that my husband was right on this one. (OH I'll NEVER live that down...saying that right here for the whole world to see!!) He says that a good sewing machine is a good sewing machine. A good embroidery machine is a good embroidery machine. But, to try to make one machine do both...well...quality has to be lost along the way. I totally agree--at least NOW I do.

So, last October, after another part broke on a 3 year old machine that has been in the shop more than once..I decided to get rid of it. First I tried Craigslist. I don't like these online selling sites. I probably should have kept up with my attempts instead of quitting after the first spammer came my way...never the less, I gave up on that.

 Next, I took the machine to a local Janome dealer. They encouraged me to sell it on ebay instead of trading it in. But, I was worried about internet selling and ended up just trading it. I got $800 for it in trade. Then came home and looked on ebay where one like it had just sold for $1500. I told myself that at least THAT one didn't have two broken parts as mine did.(It sort of helped the sting.)

When I traded, I traded for the Janome Horizon. Jerry and I thought about this a lot; we knew the cost was a huge factor, but it is a machine made completely for quilting and the investment would be a good one as a long arm is not sensible for me.(I don't think it is for many people at around $20,000) I usually make twin size or smaller quilts; and the Horizon has a large enough area to quilt these comfortably. Also that built in walking foot was a huge selling point with me!

Over the past few months I have struggled with my 'junk' machine and am finally at the point that I cannot quilt at all. (I can piece the quilts though.) So, I called up the sewing machine store where the Horizon is on layaway and asked if I could take the money that has been paid and get a lesser machine instead. They said no...that the contract is for the Horizon and they won't allow a different machine.

This made me angry. How is it different than getting the machine out, and then getting a refund as it has never been used? My money is my money. They've probably already sold the trade in and gotten good money for it. So, why not let me have a machine now?? I even tried to get them to let me take a bit of money out, get a much lesser machine, and keep paying on the big machine. They get even more money this way. Guess what? NOPE.

After fuming a few days and moaning and groaning about it all...I realized something. I believe God's hand is in every little thing in our lives. He cares about even me and my sewing machine. And you know what?

He wants me to have that Horizon. In HIS time. Because He is always working on me and my patience. (or the lack there of.) When I do finally get that machine...I will very much appreciate it. And I will have realized that God's hand was in it all along.

I can see it...just over the Horizon...

Monday, January 17, 2011

A ME day!

I LOVE this car!

It is my blood, sweat and tears car.
My daughter and I worked hard at paying for it
when I was a single mom and she was a teenager.

I gave it to her a couple of years ago,
but we have always traded it back and forth.

Well, the time had come for Amy to sell it.
She really needed the money,
(as she was jobless)
so we had to let it go. 

Guess what happened the day after we sold the car?
Amy got a job.
A really really good paying job.
Like she'll be bringing home more than we live on right now.
She will be working at this world wide known,
but Kansas City based company:
She will now be able to support herself,
go to school for free,
and already have her foot in the door to be a Hallmark photographer.

Since the car was hers and mine,
and since she will be getting decent pay,
Amy bought me a new iron, YAY!
( I love this iron. Good steam.
Nice and Heavy.
Light weight isn't always better,
especially in an iron!!)

But, even better...
Yesterday Amy treated me to a MOM's day out.
I got my hair colored, highlighted, and cut.
(Never had my hair colored before.)
Got my eyebrows waxed.
(A new one for me too!)

Got a new wardrobe...
1 shirt, 1 sweater, 1 jacket, 1 pair of jeans,
1 pair of boots, 2 new under garments.

It sure was wonderful!
I've been kind of down on myself since I was pregnant.
When you are over 40 and get pregnant,
and gain a ton of weight because of gestational diabetes,
and have trouble keeping weight off anyway;
and have a C-Section which causes extra saggy tummy;
and lose an almost front tooth....
well...that just doesn't make a person feel good about themselves,
you know?
(Um, NO, this isn't really me.)

I'm lookin' good now!
I'll be lookin even betterer (hey, this is a word if I want it to be!) soon.
Our YMCA has an income-based program.
Nursery included!
(only, sadly, our Y doesn't have a pool. oh well.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

At least it's not 99

Oh, this probably isn't good.
But it is true.
Go ahead. Take the test.
It's sponsored by an online dating site but you can skip that part.
Just look for the small fine print that you click to get your test results.
Unless you want to find someone to date online.

I need to get back to blog reading now...
Thanks, Bonnie. I needed everyone to know just how bad my addiction is!
74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Deadlines just don't work for me anymore.

NOT at All!!

I really really wanted to enter


The challenge this week was fairly easy. I have it all planned; partially cut out; and partially sewn.

But, then yesterday the iron fizzled. It burnt up or something. I won't be able to buy another until Friday and the project is due Saturday.

I am thinking everything that I touch breaks anymore. The sewing machines, the iron...

Well, at least I am getting better on my embroidery stitches.

I don't think I shall enter the challenge again. Something will probably come up and I'll get frustrated again.

But, anyone is welcome to vote on the projects. I can't wait for that...usually there are some great ones!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm getting bulky!!

The sides!! What did I do??

If you are a 'regular' then you've noticed that my sides have become bulkier. NO...not on me. Well; they have actually...but I meant on my blog.

I've never liked having a blog with a bunch of stuff all over the place but I just keep getting more and more; and I can't help it! I wanted to quickly explain what they are.

On the right are several quilt alongs and some BOM's. 
BOM stands for "Block of the Month".
When a designer offers a free design via their blog;
it is common courtesy to post their button. 

I will not being doing all these blocks right away;
but I hope to do them all sometime.
This is a great reference for anyone wanting to find some freebies!

I designed the left side basically to balance the right. 
Over that direction you will find the normal bloggy stuff,
as well as some of my favorite blogs of friends or designers.

On the buttons up top
you will find all your favorite posts;
 as well as Stephens (soon to be deleted) and Seths.
Coming soon will be designs and fabrics and goodies for sale.
Just a few things to help boost my costs for the quilt ministry.
Can a person sell things on blogger? Anyone know?
I guess I better check the rules on that one!

Feel free to browse around. 
You may just find a new project that you would like to start!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I have found so many wonderful blogs and bloggy friends in Australia.

Tonight I am quite worried about some of them as we haven't seen blog postings from them.

I am not a tv watcher so I actually found out about it from blog reading.

I am sure that my Australian followers won't be blog reading; but if you prayers are with you!

My New Love

I have discovered a new love. Now, before my husband (who so sweetly reads my blog) jumps out of his skin I guess that I should say that I have a new SEWING love. And it's not even a machine. It's stitchery. AKA Hand Embroidery.

I used to do a lot of cross stitch; then took up quilting because my hands couldn't handle all that cross stitch.
Now some times my arm/shoulder can't handle I took up stitching. I have found it to be a great stress reliever as well!

Just because stitching is a stress reliever doesn't mean that I do a good job of it. I started with the Gifts of Grace BOM. Notice...I said "started". I didn't say 'finished'. This is a fruit of the Spirit series and the first block was "Peace". Here is what it is supposed to look like:
(Click on photos to enlarge)

Well, here is what mine looked like. 
The stitching around the butterfly is awful!
I kept forgetting what I was doing and how to do it.
I tried a different type of stitch on the 'P' than she used;
and it is ok but not great. I haven't finished the other letters yet.

So, because the butterfly looked so bad;
I thought I would try stitching without having to do a blanket stitch
and just do some straight stitching instead.
Much better! 
But the Satin stitch of the "P" is awful this time around!
Notice the rest of the letters also are not finished.

I am not a quitter. I will keep practicing this type of stitching;
but I am not doing the rest of the Gifts of Grace blocks for now.
(And I wanted this to be a quilt gift too.
Sorry June...someday I will make you something. 
It just has to be perfectly suited for you!)

I actually am quitting because of my lack of floss.
(and lack of beads that would look so pretty. see top photo.)
Probably sounds silly to those of you that live near the city 
and can just run and buy some. 
I used to have every DMC color all sorted and stored and labelled.
It was lost I guess from my 'past life'. 
I somehow managed not to lose my inherited floss.
Isn't this awful??
Who would store their floss this way?
Not me!

So, for now I am going to start another stitchery project
that uses all one color of floss.
Much easier than trying to buy a bunch of colors right now.
(Oh birthday is coming...I need floss...and I am not talking the dental kind!)

Stephen doesn't seem to think that I need to start another project.
He stole my sewing basket.
It is now a boat.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Learning her Manners

Tough Girl Mandi

Mandi is the newest dog in our local prison dog program.
Mandi is manner-less.
She got herself into trouble for eating chickens;
and nearly got herself shot because of it.

She jumps on people and tables;
and almost pulls one over while on her leash.
Mandi needs to be trained in all obedience areas.

I am glad that Mandi
is getting a second chance.

An outdoors-y blankie for an outdoors-y girl:

I have enjoyed our dog guests this week.
Thanks for all of your comments.
I will try to give you updates on the dogs if I hear word on them.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wild Child

Ornery, Ornery, Ornery Quil

Quil is a lab mix, around a year old.
He is very rambunctious. 
Happy but hyper.

He is a handful for his handlers; 
and will probably have to stay in the prison program
a bit longer than some of the other dogs.

This is why I like the prison program so much;
because without the program 
Quil might not be adoptable.

A happy hyper dog gets a happy hyper blankie!

(You'll have to excuse the complete wonky-ness of today's and tomorrow's photos.
My handy dandy quilt hanging spot is in the process of being moved to new location.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shy Girl the Second

Gorgeous Jade

No, you aren't seeing a repeat of yesterday's shy girl.
This is Ivy's sister, Jade.
Jade is super shy...more so even than Ivy.
She is going to take a bit more work;
she is just so shy that commands are hard to take for her.

Bless her heart,
when she is ready 
I am glad that she will have her blankie to take along
because I fear a new home will be hard on her!

Hers is my favorite doggie blankie so far!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shy girl

Pretty Ivy

Ivy is a shy girl.
She is starting to warm up to small groups of people;
and is becoming more playful...albeit cautiously.

A pretty little girl needs a pretty little blankie:

(Actually it looks pretty wild in the photo.)

Recognize Ivy's fabric?
I cut up the quilt as seen

Then, I just pieced it together willy nilly. 
It looks a bit better in person.
It is made from calicoes.

Something tells me that Ivy likes it!