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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who would want him, anyway??

We have been working like crazy around here 
trying to get the ornaments done for 

It's been a tough go.
I had planned some intricate quilted snowflakes.
But, then machine problems changed that.

No matter,
we had a great time making ornaments
as a family!

LOTS of yummy smelling Apple Cinnamon Gingerbread Men.

Seth enjoyed drilling their little heads.
Look at his facial expression.

We also cut circles upon circles upon circles out.

Hundreds of circles became hundreds of triangle thing-a-ma-jigs

Little triangle things became ball ornaments.
These are really cool I think!

They are being shipped all over the world.

 And, NO Stephen,
you can't go too!

Who would want him?
Doesn't matter.
I think I'll keep him!


Lynda said...

I'd take him now...but probably offer him back about 13years from now! Love the ornaments. Looks like everyone had lots of fun.

marilyn said...

You can send him to me! He's a cutie. And I would never send him back. I might put him back in the box for a few years :) But from experience I know they outgrow their teen years.

Pat said...

Looks like you all had a great day!
Stephen looks hilarious in that box! xx

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Great pictures Tonya! Babies love boxes don't they!! I'll be having my own new little cutie, to go with my current cutie soon, as you know - I can't wait for double the fun!

Love those ornaments - I've seen these around on the internet and thought they look like a really great project to do - I'll have a go with our Christmas cards, when we're finished with them I think. xx

Judi said...

You had a great day! Ornaments are wonderful.

Melissa said...

I do have to say that Seth does really seem to be into that drilling! And Stephen looks so happy! I am sure he doesn't really want to be shipped anywhere. But I bet there are tons of people that would be very happy opening a box full of that cute smile for Christmas!!

basketsbyrose said...

Box up that cute smile and ship around the world. The world could use some great smiles!

Angie said...

Your ornaments are adorable!
No more boys at my house though :)

Heather said...

Those ornaments look great! It looks like you all had fun. :)