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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When it doesn't work out

Sometimes I think that I've created a brilliant quilt
in my mind's eye.
Then, when I actually get to working on it... just doesn't work out!

I had the lovely JUNE
make me this collage of 
my mom, daughter and myself:

I wanted to make a 'Generations' quilt,
Kind of medallion style.
I started with a simple brown border:

Then I selected some calico's and florals for the rest of the borders.
And, guess what??
I hate it!
Don't get me wrong,
I still LOVE the collage and the concept.
And I like the colors I chose.
But, I really dislike that triangle border.
This quilt should be something more delicate.
More curves than diamonds or triangles I think.

So what did I do?
Cut off the yucky border to start again.
When I am better at making my own designs.

As for the ugly border?
I can't stand UFO's so...
for me, it's better to just cut it up and use it!
If it were a sheet of paper, 
I could wad it up and throw it away.
But, fabric is too expensive for that!
So, expect to see it in an unlikely place soon.
Let me know when you recognize it!

What do you do when you can't stand one of your projects?


Pat said...

When I started painting, the tutor told us to draw a thumbnail of our idea first - approx 2 inches on one side. That way we can see on something small if it will work - so I rarely have projects I dislike.
Perhaps you could adopt the coloured drawing idea too, before you start sewing?

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I sometimes use colored pencils...but they just aren't the same as fabric. Usually I get an idea of what I want and start throwing it together. Most quilters anymore use an expensive program called EQ-7 (or 6 or 5) It shows almost exactly how it would turn out. You can even scan in the fabric. But, of course it is a bit out of my budget. It cost around $200.00.

NorthernStar said...

Why don't you add a couple more borders. If you add some curves around the outside it might make the triangle border a little less harsh

Heather said...

I think it needs more of a scalloped border. I think that would help soften the look & feel of it.
I'm not the person to ask about UFO's because I have a box full. When I get frustrated with something I toss it in there & I do eventually get back to it but letting it sit for awhile & coming back to it with fresh eyes always helps. I then can usually figure out how to fix it then!

Judi said...

I like the colors you used. What I see is a brown frame and then a calico frame and then ? I think I like the framing of the awesome middle piece.

Junibears said...

Dear Tonya...I'm so sorry your idea didn't work out. Such a shame. Me, I know nothing about designing quilts. If it was me, everything would be pastelly and flowery! LOL! I did think the brown border around the picture looked good.
Lots of love
June xx

The Tulip Patch said...

I thought it looked cute. I have made a few things I really disliked. Usually the things that I spend the most time planning and get the most excited about fall flat once they are actually made. My best friend told me if the recipient likes it, that's all that matters. If this is for you, then rip it up and start over. PS, I hate UFOs with a passion. I try to have one or maybe 2 projects going on at a given time and I see those to completion before starting more. Just makes me nervous to have stuff die on the vine. I just suck it up and finish.

Melissa said...

You know, I don't think it was awful at all, though I think I would choose a softer border, too. I have that whole curves vs. angles thought process, too! I will be waiting to see what you do with the incredible collage as well as the border!