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Saturday, December 4, 2010

What will my son be?

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a
Gaither Christmas concert with my husband.
There was a variety of different types of music;
and one can never go wrong with Christmas music,
no matter the genre!

Well, I take that back.
I looked on YouTube for Hillbilly Christmas Music.
I guess I should say one can't go wrong with
CHRISTmas Music.
Seasonal music...well...some of it is just wrong!!

I got to hear the writer of the following song
sing this live last night.
The song has been around for a while,
but it is still one of the top Christmas songs sung!
Here is one of the better versions I found.

By the's Mark Lowry,
not Mark Lowery like the YouTube person wrote.

As you enjoy it...
you won't be able to forget what this season
is all about...and where it got it's start!
Please read my ponders below the song
after you finish watching:

In close, as I sit here cuddling my son,
I wonder...what will he become someday?
We named him after Stephen in the Bible.
Do you know who Stephen is?
I pray that my son is as strong and brave
and takes a stand...just like Stephen.

Then there's Seth.
Right now he loves to learn;
whether it be about Creation, or the Creator.
What will he be?
Am I helping him find the right path?

We just never know what our little boys
are going to do when they grow up.
How thankful I am that I wasn't chosen to be Mary.
I couldn't watch my son be tortured and crucified,
when I knew him to be the most loving,
most compassionate person on earth. Ever.
It would have killed me to watch as Mary had to do.
Guess that's why I wasn't chosen...and she was.
She was only human,
but what a strong lady she must have been!


Junibears said...

Such a beautiful post Tonya. I adore that song. I took it to Chapel last year and sang it for them.
I know exactly what you mean about Mary. She was a very strong woman, that was why she was chosen.
I thought the same things as I held my children as babies. Thank God they have grown up to be wonderful, caring and loving people.
Hugs to you, June xx

Bren said...

I love that song....beautiful post.

Sharon said...

Yes, this is one of my favorite songs as well. I only had one child, a daughter, but I can remember when I was a little girl and my dad was the song leader at our church and after the song service (It was Easter), my dad asked my little brother to come up. He was about 4 or 5 years old. My dad stood there with Mark in front of Him and said that he could not imagine giving up his son to die for the sins of the people. He went on a bit about the great love of God to do such a thing. I remember how it touched me. I'm happy to say that my little brother has turned out to be a fine Christian man with a wonderful family of a Christian wife and three little children whom she homeschools. You keep training your sons in the way of the Lord and you will be a very blessed mother!

Pat said...

Whatever they turn out to be, they'll have had the most wonderful mom xx

Tolduso said...

what a beautiful post this girl you tugged on my heart strings with the beautiful words and song...
We dont know what r boys r gonna turn out but we hope r love and guidance leads them in the right direction. on a differnt note it has been awhile since we have talked..I have been fine...busy with work and with crocheting...been studying to earn some more certifications to teach and thats about it...did you have a nice thanksgiving?? are you all ready for christmas?? (I am) and I did..stuffed myself with food on thanksgiving...:)) ok I will talk at you later..hope you have a fantastic week...sending hugs and smiles

Patty said...

Thank You..