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Saturday, December 25, 2010

This and bit of that

A few random thoughts this Christmas Evening:

Our Christmas was a quiet day at home for the most part.
Stephen and I did leave for a bit to go to the police dept
and take Jerry a little Christmas lunch.
It got cut a bit short because some stupid person
decided to cause a high speed chase down the highway.
But we are thankful that we got to eat together.


This afternoon I spent some quiet time reflecting
on what I was giving Christ for Christmas. 
Do you do that? 
I've encouraged my family to do that this year.
After all, it's His birthday!


Have you ever heard of
It is a great source to have your blogs printed.
I'll dedicate a blog post to explain it in more 

detail soon. 
But, Stephen comes first so that we can get his first 
years blogs printed into books for his grandparents.
Look for him twice this week.
I hope you don't mind!


To all my quiltsy followers,
I am sorry I haven't been quiltsy lately.
After this week, I promise there will be more.
I even have some fun tutorials planned.
I wish I could write pdf files,
but I've been looking into it a bit,
and I guess I might need to buy some software.
Sorry, that isn't happening!
Maybe I'll look into google docs to see 
if I can come up with something downloadable!


I have several requests for my quilt ministry.
This is quite exciting!
I do have to learn a balance because
I really do need to make a bit of money as a new
sewing machine is quite important.
Yes I'd love that Horizon over on the sidebar,
but it's not necessary. 
A new machine is. Soon.


I have worked out a deal with a company to buy 
fabric at wholesale prices.
Most importantly, I'd like to dye fabric again.
I think there might be a market for it, 
and our family could use a bit of extra income.
I do enjoy using my own hand dyes in quilts!


I want to think each and every one of you
for commenting and being such wonderful friends!
I love blogland. You all make my day!


B-Z-Quilting said...

I am glad your Christmas was a nice one. Your post made me reflect on what I am giving Christ this year, and immediately I knew the answer --- more of my time. Time in service to others, time in prayer, time in listening to Him. I have definitely been lacking in that department. I look forward to Stephen's next blog post! God bless!

Heather said...

These are all really great things to think about. I'll be looking forward to any new posts you have!

Sharon said...

We had a quiet Christmas day as well. My parents are sick and wasn't able to make it over, so we took some food and presents to them.