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Friday, December 10, 2010

Missing an old flame...

What a week!
What a cold!

Now I've given it to my hubby.
We've passed it around to each of us;
except Amy. I'm sure she'll be next.

Thanks for all your notes and prayers.
(I actually received several goodies in the mail
to keep me cheered up.
I'll blog about them soon.)
I can't take meds yet because Stephen insists
that it isn't time for him to be weaned. 

Boy, was I wishing for some Nyquil!

Do we only have this wonderful stuff in the states?
What about those of you around the world? 
I've lived without it for almost two years.
I am not sure how. 
I used to tease my daughter and say
"Vick is the Only Man I'll EVER need!"

(I was a single mom at the time. 
When Jerry and I got engaged, 
Amy was actually upset about the engagement for awhile,
and she reminded me that it was just supposed to be me and Vick.
Now Jerry is going to be jealous.
Oh bother.
Don't worry Jerry. 
You're better than Vick any old time!)

Honestly, Nyquil is good/bad stuff.
It will stop one of my perpetual ear aches in its tracks.
But, it will almost always give you the weirdest dreams ever!!

Speaking of ear aches--
I guess the little guy is most likely
getting tubes in his ears.
He has an appointment for us to discuss it
 with the doc this week.
I feel bad that he inherited my ear problems.

When he has ear aches,
he can hardly walk.
But, the rest of the time he is almost up to the point where he can run.
Almost. Not quite. Sure is cute though.
But, when his ears are messed up,
he falls constantly.
And ends up with the worst bruises on his face and head.
So, I am hoping that getting tubes in his ears 
will help his pain, will help him sleep better,
and will help his dizziness!!

And guess what??
Just a few more days,
and this little guy

Will be a year old!

More from him soon,
it's time for him to blog again.
Don't you think?


Ann Nichols said...

Hey there!
I have missed you!
So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather... I hope everyone is well very very soon! (I had a cold last week so understand, well, kinda. I don't have an 11 moth old to care for - so I guess I don't understand at all! :))
Take care and send a comment when you can!

Melissa said...

Man, there is nothing worse than a cold that takes hold of the whole house!!! Our family has been lucky enough that none of us has ever had ear problems. I know the tube route seems extreme but it sure sounds like the little guy would benefit greatly from them!