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Monday, December 13, 2010

Melinda's Quilt

I've never met her,
but I feel I know her.

Let me help you get to know her a bit, too.

Melinda is 35 years old, and lives in Kentucky.
(Or Virginia. I get confused with this family.
They are always popping over the state lines 
to go to docs, hospitals, etc. Whichever,
she spends alot of time in both places!)

Melinda's father has been fighting COPD 
for quite a few years.
Melinda and her mother have cared for him tirelessly.
Even when he got to the point where he could no longer move.
Melinda would lift him, turn him, etc.

Not an easy task for anyone. 
But, Melinda was born with a back disability.
She's had several surgeries,
And has to go to the ER every few days
for pain shots. 
She is scheduled to have another back surgery here this month,

Melinda's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer
a couple of months ago.
She was supposed to have surgery the Monday 
after Thanksgiving.

she was admitted to the hospital
Thanksgiving weekend.
Her body is full of infection. 
Most of her major organs are infected.
She has diabetes, and now has a drain in her back
to drain the infection. 
She needs to have her cancer surgery,
and get on with her radiation,
so this infection needs cleared up soon!

As if that wasn't enough,
Melinda's father had a major stroke
Thanksgiving weekend.
Melinda's mom is in the hospital on one side of the state line,
her dad on the other. 
And here is Melinda in major pain,
and needing surgery herself!

For obvious reasons,
Melinda is at the top of the list 
for the first prayer quilt.

Melinda likes tans and earth tones.
I started with these diamond stars:

And then added in tan all around.
There are still pins in it, 
as I am not hurrying the praying process.
Here is what the back looks like:

Each of those knots represents prayers
being lifted for her, her mother, and her father.
Seth has been helping me 
and praying for her as well. 
This quilt will be done and sent by the end of the week.

I am linking up for
Feel free to check it out,
And please, pray for Melinda!!


Pat said...

Bless you for what you're doing - and prayers being said for Melinda and her family xx

NorthernStar said...

You're such a generous person, I'm sure she'll love the quilt and appreciate all the love and prayers that have gone into it x

B-Z-Quilting said...

I will be lifting Melinda and her family up in prayer. God bless you for all you are doing for others.

ShirleyC said...

That's so sad. I'll be praying for that family. I know she'll enjoy that special quilt.