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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here he comes again!

I got some more mailbox surprises!
I actually received them before Christmas,
but didn't have a blog spot because Stephen
was a bit of a blog hog.
(He'll be back again tomorrow, too.
Told you he's a blog hog!)

First came a box from Melissa (click here to visit).
She sent a bunch of handmade ornaments,
aren't they fun?

But that's not all,
a friend of hers also included these wonderful
 hand-carved and painted gourds!

Then, a package from my good friend Pat.
She sent hand painted bookmarks for each of us:

Mine has a quilt wallhanging,
some flowers, and a classic book.

This is so appropriate for Jerry.
He loves His Lord!

Amy is our photography girl.
Bet you didn't know she photographed her first wedding 
at age 11.
She hated it. She decided to not follow a career in 
photography because she never wanted to do another wedding.
She did another at age 16...and sure enough,
that was the end of that!
She is so good at capturing people in the everyday life.

Seth is my herbal boy. 
He has flowers and herbs growing in our basement.
He's always mixing up some kind of remedy or another.

And finally, 
a bookmark appropriate for a busy little boy!

Aren't they wonderful??
when you have a moment!
She has become a very dear friend to me over the last year.

What a wonderful Christmas I have had!
What a blessing you all have been to me.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone.

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Pat said...

So glad you loved your bookmarks!

The ornaments you've been receiving are awesome too ! :) xx