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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in the Hills

Now it sure has been forever long
 since I brought you uns some good Hillbilly stories.

I actually had a request for some real live Hillbilly wordn's 
like I used ta do. I surely do apologize for gettin
all proud n everythin an forgettin my Hillbilly her-i-tage!

We folks here sure be lookin forward to Christmas!
We even got a sleigh all ready for Santy Claus this year.
An' course we been readin to the young uns

Why even the men folk are gettin gussied up:
We hill folks be lovin music. 
You all be knowin that.
Here's a mighty fine song for ya.


Sharon said...

I LOVE it!!!! My daughter used to play in a bluegrass band and now plays banjo in a Gospel group. My uncle used to tease me and say, "Yes, you are a hillbilly! You lived way back in those hills!" LOL

teresamnj said...

So cute! Thanks for making me smile today. :)

Heather said...

Great post! :)

krisgray said...

Ha - love it - haven't "heard" anyone say you-uns since my Grandma Gray passes away.