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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quilt Ministry -- Part 2-- Prison Pooch Blankies

Thanks so much for everyone's kind comments
 about my desire to 'cover' San Francisco!

I even have offers to help and of fabric scraps. 
By the end of the week, 
we will get the ball rolling on that!

If you didn't read that post, 
Also, I would read at least the first comment from Marilyn. 
It's quite sad that churches aren't willing to help!

Since I have my hands a bit tied about San Francisco,
I prayed about things, and thought through some things,
and have decided to spread out in other areas.
I will explain them this week.

The first might shock you:

My husband works at a prison that has a prison pooch program.
Dogs that need rehabilitation before they can be adopted,
are sent to live at the prison,
while an inmate (on good behavior)
cares for them and trains them.
(above image was found on google search of public domain)

I have already begun the process of making the dogs
'blankies' that they can have with them in the prison,
then take home with them when they are adopted.
When a dog has a 'blankie' to take to their new home,
it serves as a bit of a stress reliever because they can smell 
their old home/master on the 'blankie'. 

The above Prison Pooch Blankie has been sent to the prison for approval.
It has to pass inspection to make sure drugs aren't hidden in it,
and they have to check the construction to make sure it's not too easy to hide things in..

I just did a simple design with denim and scraps.
There is no batting, (not allowed~too fluffy)
so I backed it with fleece.

If you would like to help the Prison Pooches,
the following items will always be needed:

* Used Jeans
* 7" squares of fabric (or larger)
* Fleece. Lots and Lots of fleece.
The above fleece was a used baby blanket from a garage sale. 
I could use flannel for backing as well. 
That means used baby receiving blankets would work!!

A list of needs will always be posted at the top of the blog under the quilt ministry tab.
(Although it won't be set up until after the last quilt ministry intro post 
in a few days.)

Oh...and I will be making quilts for people too.
I'll tell you more in a day or two. 

EDITED To ADD: The quilts were approved and I am currently making 5 prison pooch blankies to be delivered by Christmas. I am making them as above; except each in a different color and each with the dog's names appliqued on. 

I am linking this up with 100 quilts for Christmas. Not sure if they expected prison dog blankets..but it is a non-profit organization, after all, and a good one at that!!

to see the other quilts that are linked up!


Sarah Craig said...

Good start! Keep it up.......

Melissa said...

You have quite the project going there! We are familiar with the "jail dog" program via an acquaintance. I think it is good for the the dog and the inmate.

marilyn said...

What size are you cutting your denim squares? I should be able to help you out in that area and it would be cheaper and easier to cut the squares before shipping them to you. I can get a lot of squares into a flat rate box :) I'll ask for jeans on Freecycle! The last time I did that I had more than enough for the project I wanted to do.

Jan said...

What a woderful and useful idea letting prisoners re train the dogs ,and if they receive a blankie like yours they are twice blessed Jan xx

Pat said...

Wonderful thing to do for the dogs. Having something familiar when they move to a new home will help them settle greatly. Bless you!