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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quilt Ministry -- Part 1--San Francisco Quilts

I have been hinting for a couple of weeks now about the quilt ministry that I want to start. I actually began the whole process about 3 months ago when I contacted several churches in San Francisco. 

Then discouragement set in.
Not a single church contacted me back.
 Nope. Not one. Hmmm. 
I hope our church never does something like that!!

Why did I contact churches in San Francisco anyway?

There are homeless people in every big city in America.

But after spending quite some time in San Fran,
I grew a place in my heart for the homeless of that city. 
The above photo is from Haight Street. 
It is common for the homeless to own dogs.
The dogs keep their masters warm.

What really got to me is that the homeless are
EVERYWHERE in San Francisco.
Way more than in Kansas City where I am from,
or even in Chicago, Nashville, or D.C.
(I've been those places as well).
As people walk down the sidewalk,
they just step over the homeless...without a second thought.
San Francisco is just different
 than other places that I've been in so many ways.
In the early morning it comes alive
 with the hustle and bustle of business men and women.
It actually is very low crime, 
as long as you stay in the business districts.
Then, when it gets dark..
just go inside and stay there.
The night life is the complete opposite of the day life.
This town is the epitome of the saying,
"It's like Night and Day"

 I'll refrain from placing a night life photo here

Every morning, the street cleaners come along
and clean every street and hose down every sidewalk.
It is quite necessary due to the urine and the feces.

When you go eat fast food in San Fran.
and don't finish your meal, you don't throw it away.
Just sit it on the sidewalk. 
It will be consumed shortly.

Even though it is in California,
San Francisco is not a warm and sunny place.
It is usually overcast and drippy.
There are few trees, no grass;
Unless you can go to the park or something.
To me, it is about as desolate as the desert!

It is my dream someday
to go out on a Christmas morning,
and just hand out quilts. 
Spread a bit of sunshine...

But, I guess that isn't going to happen right now.
And that is ok. 
I have other doors opening for the quilt ministry.
(More about that later this week)
Though, I will be making some quilts,
laying them aside,
 for someday when I can get other quilters to join forces with me,
and go cover San Francisco 
on Christmas morning!
That will make my heart happy!

( photos were all taken from the net, supposedly public domain)


marilyn said...

I'm close enough to SF to come along for the trip :) Yes, out here in Cali, we have a LOT of homeless people. SF has pretty constant weather. No, it isn't bright and sunny all of the time, but we dont' get snow either. With the weather constant, in the 50-70 range, you only need one set of clothes. SF has a GREAT public transportation system and with very little money, you can travel all over the bay area. I had the exact same reaction when I tried to get help getting quilts to the victims of the SanBruno fire last month. We contacted every church in the area (which is in San Fran. and nobody wanted to help. Boy, did we hear excuses...we don't have room for quilts, we don't have people to hand them out, we don't know what to do with them...basically, leave us alone. I finally found a continuation high school willing to take the quilts and they said they would give them away. Turns out they sold the quilts for $5 each (almost had a heart attack here!) and gave the money to some chairity for the victims. I gave them 150 quilts so they made about $750, which I guess they needed the money more than the quilts and lots of people got nice Christmas gifts, but that wasn't the purpose of all of those quilts. God had a plan for them and I had to just let go. But I've found that giving locally is super great! And the best part is sometimes getting to see a child carrying around a quilt from my group when I'm out and about. Makes me smile every time I see it!

Hope Filled Living said...

What a beautiful thing God has put on your heart. Just start with one...yours. Do what you can with what you have where you are and it will grow.
Hugs to you.

Quiltaholic said...

Hey! When you go, I want to go with you and hand out my "donation" quilts! *HUGS* to you for your Aloha!

Rana said...

That is a very beautiful vision, Hillbilly.

Angie said...

Just beautiful!
I would think in your very rural neck of the woods there would be LOTS of families (who may have homes) who need a quilt to keep them warm.
Way to use your talents for Jesus!

Groovy Pumpkin said...

What a wonderful idea, perhaps you could contact a local newspaper who would be willing to do an article on your idea, then when people read it you should get a better response.

Good luck!! xx

Cindy Adkins said...

What a wonderful! I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Hillbilly friend.
Thinking of you with a thankful heart.

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly...Do what the LORD opens the door to do! He will bless each and everything effort and quilt. I've made lots of quilts for the homeless or poor, and I go to shelters. SF might not have shelters, but you could also just hand them out to each one individually.

I have to tell Marilyn that was a sad way for her quilts to end up, but I am very glad that she is/was able to let that disappointment go! When we do anything for the LORD we have to realize that it really is His work, and must be accepted the way it turns out.

I would be interested to know how your project progresses!

Quiltjane said...

That would be a wonderful project to start. My sister in law just returned from a trip through America and commented on the number of homeless in San Francisco. I was saddened to hear about those unfortunate people. Set up a blog and get everyone to contribute with either fabric, wadding, thread, their time. In our local quilting group, the ladies get together one day a week in November and make quilts for Linus.

notes of sincerity said...

You have the sweetest of hearts to want to cover the homeless in warm (made with love) quilts. :o) I am from a town north of San Fran. and am very well acquainted with the homeless. Some have lost their minds due to drugs and it breaks my heart to see them.
Sincerely - Trish