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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home--Not so much!

Our town.
Just like any other small town America.
image from Wikipedia

Population just over 9,000.
Right in the heart of America.

Quiet. Peaceful.

Well, sort of like most small towns.
Except for this.
image from airphotona

Need a closer look?

Inmates account for 1/3 of our population.
But that's not the only reason we are a bit infamous.
Remember her?

Here is the real Erin
I am not sure she is the role model I want my kids learning about.
But...she has been a bit busy in our town lately.

We have had a cluster of brain tumors over the last several years.
So, Erin came to help investigate.
With her help; a tannery in a nearby town was found to be at blame
for selling contaminated fertilizer sludge to nearby farms.
It was believed this was causing the tumors due to the levels of 
hexavalent chromium that is now in the soil.

Well, last night the federal government released it's findings.
They said the contaminant was, indeed, in the soil,
but not at high enough levels to cause any problems.

They also said that our town does not have an
excessive amount of brain tumors compared to other populations.
Of course, we need to find out whether they included the prison population in those findings, or not.
The government likes to use that population to it's advantage--including them when it's tax time, 
but saying they aren't part of the actual population when it comes to things like stimulus packages.

So, here's where it leaves my husband and I.
Move, or not to move?
Many have chosen to move. 
The town has homes upon homes upon homes for sale.

I am not the panicky type,
but I do have a baby.
On the other hand; the government says it's safe.
Do we believe them?
I'm sorry but I don't find the government a very believable source.

We have moved a lot in the last three years,
and it has hurt our family financially.
I don't even know how we'd go about moving yet again.
So, for now, we are here.

I'm kind of wishing we could move though.


Melissa said...

You know, I really, REALLY, hope that one day there will come an end to soil issues like yours. I think there are some folks in government who do fight for the people, or would if they had the info needed to do so. But I believe there are enough who do what is most profitable regardless of side effects that the good gets largely and even sometimes completely canceled out.

marilyn said...

Wow, that really puts my little troubles into perspective. I LOVE my house and would hate to find out there were troubles in the soil and I had to move :( I live right next to a prison too! Small world.

Lindah said...

When the health of our soil is quesitonable, that is a concern, hard to avoid the soil. Cancers of all kinds seem to be quite prevalent in our town. We moved from one house that we really liked for a combination of reasons, perceived cancer risk being one of them. Of the 8 adults living on the top of our hill, 3 contracted cancer, 2 of them died. But then, 3 folks on our block were battling cancer soon after we moved here. No one in our area has an answer, so moving within the area seems not to be the answer. But for you, with a concern for a specific source, that is a different situation. I can only say that I will pray with you for God's guidance.

Pat said...

Gosh, Tonya. What a nightmare situation :(
Sadly if governments don't tell the truth, it really is a bonus to have someone fight for ordinary people. Does Erin have an office where you can find out more about the dangers of hex chromium and how you can possibly avoid contamination?
If you move, can you find out that the next area hasn't a similar problem?

NorthernStar said...

Hi Tonya, I was in the library when I read your post so I've done a little research for you. It looks like the hazards of hexavalent chromium come from inhalation (can cause lung cancer) and skin contact (can cause a rash). This seems to be only applicable for people who are working directly with the chemicals.

I read some medical test data which showed that if you have the hex. chrom. introduced straight to your gut then you have uptake into the body but if you eat it then the stomach acid incubates it and it all passes straight through. So as long as you wash your veggies thoroughly and don't inject them straight into your tummy then there shouldn't be any risk to you or your baby.

Email me if you want me to send you the papers I read, I have them in pdf (or I can write out a summary if you want).

Stay well
Jill x x x

NorthernStar said...

By the way, my uni accommodation is right next to a prison, they wave at us out the window. I think they're just gloating because our rooms are smaller than theirs!

Judi said...

Wow you have a lot to pray about don't you. God will lead in the direction he wants you to go.

Sherry said...

As I read your post I realized again how many things people in this world have to be concerned about every day. I will pray for you and your family for peace that only God can give as your family decides what is best for all of you and your future. God always directs as we wait on Him.

QuiltSue said...

Crikey, that's a tough decision to have to make. I have read somewhere about this that if you inhale the stuff the risk is greater, but if it gets into the soil, as long as you wash/peel your veggies it is OK as the stomach can neutralise a small amount. I can't think where I've seen it though, sorry.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I am still taking this all in. I am not an alarmist but I can't help but feel like you. I really hate to admit that I distrust the gov't on so many issues, this being one.
If it is in the soil, how long does it stay there? Indefinitely? If so, any stirring can cause inhalation? Good grief.
I will be praying for you on this one, girlfriend. God will guide you and hubs on the right decision.

Quiltaholic said...

Oh my, what a dilemma for you! I hope what's best will happen for you and your family and soon. My kids call me, "The Asian Erin Brockobitch" LOL! Glad she's there and your town has support!