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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Four times over

I know that every one of you has gone through moments of discouragement at one time or another. 
We all have. 
I've been doing that the last week or so. 
But, you know what? 
God knows.
Today I was really down.
God knew that too. 
Therefore, just when I needed a 'pick me up' He gave it to me. 

Four times over. 

A few days ago my dear friend Pat painted her first Christmas Card
of the season.
She giggled at her effort, but I fell in love with it.
I entered a drawing to win...and I did!

Today I open my mailbox to a complete surprise.
Inside, Blondie had sent a package with 
over 100 paper piecing quilt patterns! 
WOW! How nice was that??
And completely out of the blue too!

Tonight, I sit down to read my blogs that needed serious catching up on.
That's when I came across this:

Melissa from Ardeas Nest is sending me this Christmas ornament.
I read the blog further; and find out that she has another in the works for me too!
My first ornaments...I am SO excited. 

I had just finished reading my blogs, 
I had well over 100 to catch up on
(sorry I didn't comment much today)
when my google reader popped up with another (1).
Meaning...another blog was posted. 
I started reading; and you aren't going to believe this. 
There it was, 
I won this!
Isn't it beautiful? It is titled,
"A Mother's Masterpiece".
Go visit 
to see her amazing work!

That did it. 
I broke down in tears.
God arranged so that everything would show up
just when I needed it.

What a blessing all you are to me! 
You have no idea how you've touched me today.

Just so this won't be all about me,
I guess I should post the winner for the Baby quilting books that I have to giveaway.
Since there were only 11 entries, 
we did it the old fashioned Hillbilly way. 

"Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe
Catch the tiger by his toe,
if he hollars make him pay,
$50 dollars every day.
My mother told me to pick the best one,
and you are NOT it."

We did that over and over eliminating people right and left.

Finally, LINDA, won!
She doesn't have a blog to direct you to,
but she'll be getting an email from me.
Congrats Linda!

And, thanks, Pat, Melissa, Blondie, and Peggy.
I am feeling very blessed!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

I am delighted that you won my giveaway! I'm so glad that you like it and that it came at the right time! Blessings!

QuiltSue said...

Congrats on your wins. You deserve them.

Pat said...

And I am thrilled your name came out of the hat for the Christmas card - at just the right time to give you a boost!

Linda said...

"Linda" that's exciting it is!! I can't wait until I see what comes! I love getting mail!

basketsbyrose said...

WOW! Your life is looking up!

Quiltaholic said...

Congrats on your wins, what fun! Glad you got the uplifting you needed *HUGS* Love you, Girl!

Judi said...

God Winks for sure. Hugs to you! Details on the paper pieced patterns girl!