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Friday, November 12, 2010

.Com gone

Don't you just HATE making decisions? I do!

My latest fight within (or decision to be made)
was concerning my website.

Today I made that decision.
The Hillbilly Handiworks website is NO MORE.

I will still continue this blog...I LOVE IT!

Some of my future dreams include dyeing my own fabric again
and making patterns and kits using my hand dyed fabric.
I love typing tutorials and would like to teach some classes.

I also want to start some sort of a quilt ministry.
I have quilts just sitting here.

Every time I attempt to do a craft show;
it falls through because I  don't have a display
or there is a scheduling conflict within my family.

We don't have a decorated home...
and it looks kind of stupid having quilts hang everywhere
without other decorations!

So...what to do with all these quilts?
Well, I guess, give them away!!!

More on my ideas about this another day.

For now, I say,
So long
onto better things!


B-Z-Quilting said...

There are so many great ways to share your talent and love of quilting ... God bless!

Pat said...

So sorry to read this - but as one door closes, God opens another. *hugs*

Judi said...

God will open another door. Our quilt guild has a comfort quilt supply. Contact your police department or abusive shelter in the area and start spreading the love to a child or a woman that could use a great hug.

Rana said...

I agree, I hate big decisions! Good job on getting it made!! And lots of luck with your new direction.

Jan said...

As one door close another always opens ,good luck and looking forward to future posts Jan xx

Junibears said...

Sorry to hear that but you had the strength to make the decision. Good luck and love with what ever you do my talented friend. xx

marilyn said...

I work with Binky Patrol and that has led to starting a quilting ministry at my church. I have a lot of ladies who love to make the quilts and give them to me to find homes for. We supply quilts to the local hospital for their newborn baby program for low income families who go through parenting classes, Child Protective Service to give to kids taken into foster care, The local CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates-adults appointed to be mentors to kids in foster care who give a quilt to their child at Christmas and any local tragedies I hear about. I get a lof of fabric donated to me and make up kits that others sew, then give back to me to quilt. I started this about 7 years ago and boy has it grown. God's blessings in your ministry!

Quiltaholic said...

Good for you, maybe freeing up some more time and you can teach. I know that if I lived there, I would attend your classes :)