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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Blues

So....we thought my machine was fixed.


I am so frustrated!!!!

Walmart had a $50 Brother on sale today.

Sure was tempting just to get by.


Time to ponder what to do now.

Again, I say, do NOT buy a Singer CG-500.
It is not professional grade like the salesman said.
I've had 3 other dealers (all different locations)
tell me what a bad machine it is. I now agree.


B-Z-Quilting said...

I really hate to hear that. How frustrating to really want to quilt and to actually have the time to do so and then not have your machine in working order. Hopefully you can come up with a solution soon.

marilyn said...

Have you tried posting a wanted post on your local Freecycle? I'm betting someone out there has an old Kenmore, or Singer (old, like 1960's) sitting in their garage that they never use that they would be willing to give you. A little oil, maybe a new belt and it would be as good as new. And you can't beat the price...FREE! Check out for a local group! I love Freecycle :)

QuiltSue said...

aaaaaagggggghhhhhh. There, I've had a scream for you. Did it help? How very frustrating for you.

Sharon said...

Yes that would be frustrating!! That's a good idea that Marilyn came up with! Hope you are sewing again soon!

Judi said...

OH I know how frustrating it is with no machine. I had to pony up the money and send mine done to the dealer for a big once over. I have to do it about every five years. I about had a cow when Diva was slowing down and it turned out to be user error yesterday. Fixed the thread feeding off the spool and I was golden again. Do you have a local quilt guild? I found that my friends in the guild offered one of their multiple machines.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, kiddo. I sure hate you are having such probs with your machine. I thoroughly dislike Singers, have had several and none of them have been good for me. I know some folk who swear by them. I have an inexpensive Brother that I keep as a back up machine. It is great stitching, no big bells and whistles but heckfire shoot! If I saw one for fifty bucks and had it in my wallet, I would get one.
Missing you, praying for you and yours.

Pat said...

I can hear a Muttley hussarussafussa going on!

Fingers crossed you can get something sorted, sweetie. I know you feel lost without a machine *hugs*