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Sunday, October 3, 2010

You just thought this was going to be day 3!

I have a very pesky shoulder/arm. It hurts everyday. But some days are worse than others. The last two days are in the very worst of the worst.

I do have to's my own fault. I should not have gone on that mile hike Friday while toting around a 9 month old when I knew it would hurt. I do have a wonderful baby carrier, but the little guy is getting big enough that even with the carrier, it tugs on my shoulder a bit much.

 I put off the rest of my tutorial yesterday in hopes my arm would be better today.

I put off my tutorial this afternoon, in hopes that my arm would be better tonight. I just have a teeny bit of sewing and some photos to take to wrap it up. (And wouldn't need that if I hadn't have goofed up and had to seam rip part of it out. Good ol' seam rippers. How often do you use them?? I seem to use them more when there are so many life distractions!!)

Well, it is not better. It is perhaps the worse it's ever been. I simply cannot raise my arm high enough to sew at the machine. In the last several days I've dropped a porcelain plate, a drinking glass, and a whole container of baby snacks. The drinking glass today did it...I am putting my arm to bed. (Which means I will have to sleep in the recliner tonite...phooey!)

Please have patience while waiting on the binding. (Of course most of you know how to do binding. I wasn't going to show how to attach the binding anyway. There is youtube for that. All I am going to do is show the finishing method of stitching in the ditch from the front to attach to the back. If you are an experienced quilter, you know what I'm talking about, if you aren't I know that you are patient with me and I thank you for that!)

I may see you tomorrow, or I may not...that would be up to my arm.


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh take good care...I just want you to know your work is completely awesome!!!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

ooo! I don't know that way of binding, so I'm going to wait patiently until I get to see. :) I hope your arm feels better soon!

Heather said...

I hope you feel better soon, Sis!

Pat said...

So sorry to read your shoulder is playing up.
Wish you better, real quick xx

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Thank-you for stopping by my blog. I'm so sorry your shoulder is in pain. I hope that you feel better soon.