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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Love story...with a sad ending

When I first saw this photo,
I was intrigued.

Then, today, when Rose told the story about Boldt Castle on her blog,
I was even more intrigued.
(And was a bit proud that she did it at my request.)

the above image was taken from the Boldt castle website RIGHT HERE

For a short Sunday read,
I would suggest that you visit Rose,
over at
to hear this story of
Love's Dream,
Love's Broken Heart

I really want to visit this Castle now!!


Heather said...

My husband visited Boldt Castle on one of his free weekends while stationed at Ft. Drumm, NY these past 2 months. He sent me tons of pictures but didn't really tell me the story behind it! He also visited the Singer Castle (sewing machine company). I'm headed over to visit her blog now!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Thanks for sharing, this is such a lovely place, and such a sad story.

I realized that I haven't gotten back to you on the statement of faith of the online magazine for teen girls. I did hear back from the editor. I'd send her exact words, but unfortunately her email was lost due to a virus on my computer. That said they are simply based on God’s Word in the Bible.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,

Pat said...

aah.. so sad. I'm glad its being restored though xx

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

I sure do hope you get to go there one day! As Heather mentioned, there is also another castle called Singer castle. I've never seen it as it's only been open to the public a short time. That one was lived in and is fully furnished. I've read that you can actually rent a room in the castle to stay overnight. That would be so cool! So now you have 2 castles you can go walk around in. Certainly worth the trip. The thousand island area is a great vacation spot, so much to see and do. I'm truly fortunate to live in such close proximity to it.
If you ever do make it this way, be sure to look me up! Thanks for the shout out...