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Monday, October 4, 2010

Learn to Quilt--Project 2--Day 3--Finishing!

Thank you for your patience and kind words. You all are the best and I sure love hearing from you!!


I could sit here and teach something that you can find on almost every quilt blog out there. But I won't. If you want to learn how to bind a quilt, you really have a lot of resources for that. 
One of the best is a YouTube video by Jenni.

What I will give you is a way to bind your quilt, by machine, so that you don't have to hand sew it on. First, cut your binding fabric into 2 1/2" strips, and following the video, attach your binding to your placemat:

Turn your placemat over to the back, and pull your binding over and pin it in place on the long top edge.
Use ALOT of pins, and make them the smaller kind because we are going to sew right over them.

Wow! Those are hard to see!! 
Now, flip it back over to the front and sew VERY VERY slowly in the ditch where the binding is attached to the quilt.

This photo shows me sewing in the ditch right where a pocket is, but you can see the binding and pins.
When you get to the end, reverse and clip.
Flip your placemat over again, make a nice corner to begin with, and repeat the above process on the side. 
This photo shows the nice corner. 

Repeat on all four sides...and you are done!!

Sorry the placemat isn't wonky just the photographer with the help of Stephen.

An alternate method if you just don't think you can sew over those pins is to pin from the front of the placemat, making sure you catch the binding on the back. 
This is more difficult to get the binding exactly straight.
This picture shows me sewing one pinned using this method. You have to remove the pins as you get to them.

It still finishes just as pretty!
Add your plasticware and napkins. (You can find all kinds of ways to fold your napkin.)

Once again, a wonky photographer with a little man's help. 
All rolled up and ready to go!


Pat said...

They look gorgeous, Tonya - very Christmassy :)

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

oh wow! Is it difficult to try and catch the binding on the other side when you do this? And also, I've always been scared to sew over pins... what happens if my needle hits one? I still haven't figured out how to change the dang thing! LOL

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Ann Nichols said...

These are lovely! People who can sew always amaze me. Oh, I managed to make a dress or two for my daughter and a pair of shorts for my son once, long long ago (and they loved them!)- but nothing like these gorgeous placemats! I think my fingers are just too big (I have very large hands!)and I can't quite hold onto the threads! So I doubly I do appreciate what you have created here (so I will follow along)! Please visit me at my blog - it's a history one about St. Nicholas and Christmas! I'd love to have you follow along, too!

Heather said...

These turned out great! Awesome job, Sis! (I love having the little ones 'help' too.) :)

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

It isn't too tip is to trim just a bit off all the way around after you attach the binding before folding it over. That way they will be even, and for sure catch. If you pin enough there won't be a problem. If you use small pins and go VERY slow...then your machine needle will just move it out of it's way. If you go too'll break the needle. I tried...and did.

I will be over to visit, thank you! I'll have to tell you about the ornament exchange!!

Thanks Pat and Sis!