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Friday, October 1, 2010

Learn to Quilt--Project 2--Day 1

On-the-Go Placemats

If you missed the supply list, GO HERE

This project is so easy it will be great for this lovely fall weekend! Here is my fabric selection all cut out:

Today we are going to quilt the layers together. It isn't often that us quilters start a project..quilting first!
Layer your top, batting and bottom pieces together, and baste. 
For this quick easy project I just spray baste:

Before we get any need to realize that I make these quick and easy. 
I don't get hung up on small details. 
Like here on my next step..I don't take the time to measure it out. 
(And it still looks great!)
Using a piece of 1" width masking or painters tape, tape the basted quilt layers from top left corner to bottom right.

Now you have easy 1" spacing lines to quilt along.
Just line up your walking foot on the edge of the tape a sew along (using pretty thread on the top and bobbin threads)
You need to sew on both sides of the tape. The picture above shows one side already sewn, and the machine sewing along the other side.
Next take up the tape, and line it up again along the sewing line. 
Grab another piece of tape to line up with the second sewing line.

Now you will sew along the outer edge of each piece of tape.
(The inner edge already has a sewn line).
Move the tape, repeat.
Move the tape, repeat.
Until you get all the way to the edges.
Here are mine, all quilted.
I am making two, so I'll show you both as the quilting lines show up better on the lighter fabric:

How was that for an easy beginning?
Tomorrow we will sew on the pockets and make napkins. 

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