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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It'll drive you Happy!

Do you name inanimate objects that belong to you?

I had a car once named "The Green Pickle"

I cannot believe I found this photo. That's my Green Pickle!
See the yellow stripe on the bottom? Mine had that too!
I like that..."It'll drive you happy." got me where I was going!

I have NOT named my current sewing machine.
I think I could call it a few names, but I'm a nice person.
I will say, It does NOT drive me happy!
Do you see the needle alignment in this photo?

It doesn't look like much, but it is not in the center.
 It floats. All by itself.
That is NOT good for accurate quilts.
It also tends to skip stitches, all the time.
I am still trying to get to the root of that problem.
(Possibly due to it's floating problem?)

Do you see the bad corner on this piecing?

I suppose the glare doesn't help; it is all chewed up.
And, in case you are going to ask, I had a leader piece. 
A bunch, in fact, as I was chain piecing.
I have never, ever seen a hungrier sewing machine than this!

The machine was designed for heavy sewing,
such as denim or leather.
I have never had trouble with it when sewing denim.
It's just not made for delicate work.

Meet Lydia
Oh, no, she isn't home from the pen yet.
(She's a Janome Horizon that is in layaway for those that don't know)

Why name her Lydia?
Well, I was kind of set on that name for my last baby,
but it didn't work out so good since he's a boy.
I think the name Lydia is very pretty and fitting for such a fine machine,
 don't you?

Lydia is made just for quilters, 
and do you want to know what one of the coolest features is?
If you don't sew, you'll have no idea what it is,
but if you you see the little hole where the needle goes down?
That is a special piece that raises up to the plate when you are piecing 
so that the machine can't eat your fabric!

It will be a very, very long time until we can bring Lydia home. 
So, until then, I keep her photo on the end table.
(Right next to granddoggy Coco)

And continue my fight with 
That's ok. I'll just appreciate Lydia all the more!

Just an afterthought...I may end up just going and getting something a lot less fancy than Lydia,
because I have a couple of quilts commissioned and I don't know if I can stand sewing them on 
I hate making decisions!


Pat said...

Tough choice Tonya - but you wouldn't want commissioned pieces going out if they weren't perfect. How much of a struggle will that be with the Tyrannosaurus? (prehistoric and eats a lot - not that I name things either :lol: )

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

One is a t-shirt and denim quilt. It will work fine for that, as there isn't piecing. It can just be squared up.

The other, though, is a 1800's replica. I will get a new machine before making that one. The gentleman wanting it travels extensively, and is willing to wait...but perhaps not 6 months!!

Junibears said...

I know the feeling about your eating machine. I had one very similar....I wonder why they are always so hungry?
I do hope you get your nice new Lydia soon Tonya.
Thanks for all your lovely comments.
Big Hugs June
PS Freddie is coming home Monday!!

Quiltaholic said...

Okay, so I thought the eating Tyrannosaurus feature was b/c I am a Newbie Quilter?! LOL! Lydia is just DROOLY! Can't wait to see her! Wonder if my shop has layaway? hmmmm ....

Chartreuse Moose said...

Oh my, you just reminded me that my first car was "the pumpkin"! It was small...and orange...and sorry to say it often just "sat there"! ;-))))

SewLindaAnn said...

It was too funny seeing a picture of a Chevette. I had a Chevy Monza, probably the 1 of 20 people who actually bought it. I do name everything. My dress form (learning to make clothes) is Lilly. Checking out your blog from your lovely Logan story on Stash Manicure.