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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Hope Chest full of Fun!

A fun pile of quilts are packaged and on their way!

Some one is going to go on an African Safari:

While someone else is going on a hunt for Egyptian Mummies:

Some little girl is going to love dreaming of sandy beaches and Hawaiian Luaus:

While another little boy is going to go on a Daring Dino Hunt!:

All of these fun quilts are from my beginning days of quilting. 
I have held on to them all this time, just waiting for the right occasion.
I have found it.

Is an organization that was born because a grandmother was mugged and murdered.
Her grandchildren decided to do something in her memory.
They started a wonderful organization that
donates quilts to the children of inmates. 
Isn't that wonderful?

Since we live a 'prison life' as I call it
(my husband works for the state as a prison case worker,
and we live in a town that houses TWO state prisons,
pretty much everyone you know knows someone who works there),
I would love to start a similar ministry. 
I am always nervous about new things,
but after the holidays I am going to see what I can do and how to go about it. 

1 comment:

Sarah Craig said...

I have heard of a ministry that makes quilts for the children of inmates - since you live a "prison life" that might be a useful ministry! Good luck!!